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BotRH UNITE!!!!!!


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ok check it out.  I just started rp'ing here again.  My bio has not been approved but quibby i don't think you will mind.  I had blades approval to rp with him in our debut thread together.  So, Blade and I want to bring the life back here. We don't like the fact that there is very little to no activity on the rp side here.  Lets kick things up a notch.  Blade and I will make itto the citadel tonight in our thread. The thread will remain open. It won't close, ever, or for a really long time lol.  We want to have an epic adventure. We want everyone involved. We want all of DM to know what org is truly the best. Let us stand UNITED! Join us on our quest to greatness.  Plus, it should be really fun, why not?

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