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i just found this site and it is hilarious



heres some examples:


Moiraine: You must tell me things. Perhaps I can help.

Perrin: I talk to wolves.

Moiraine: Good luck with that.


Elayne: Mat, you must take this message to my mother.

Mat: Doesn't the royal family or the White Tower have carrier pigeons?

Elayne: Nope. Fresh out.

Mat: Seems silly.

Elayne: See this chin? I'll raise it.

Mat: Fine.


Nynaeve: We are women by ourselves in the world, and therefore must bicker.

Egwene: Bicker, bicker.

Nynaeve: Braid yank, braid yank.

Elayne: Chin raise, chin raise.

Ship Captain: Need help?

Nynaeve: How dare you! We'll be fine!!

Bandits: Put them into the sacks.

Egwene: Ahh. Trapped again by our own stupidity. Home, sweet home.


Moiraine: My brilliant theory about The Prophecy of the Dragon is that you need to wage war against Illian, because 'The People of the Dragon' obviously are the people of Tear. Also, you need to wear a yellow pointed party hat, because that is my understanding of the line "He will bring war."

Rand: I have a different interpretation of The Prophecy of the Dragon.

Moiraine: What would you know about The Prophecy of the Dragon? You're merely the Dragon Reborn, while I am a busybody.

Rand: You haven't been helping me out a lot lately. You didn't give me any advice in Fal Dara - instead, you ignored me, and after Falme, you said I should simply "wait for the Pattern."

Moiraine: That's what good advisors do. Give advice once a year. And the advice that we do give is poorly thought-out and incorrect.

Rand: My instinct tells me I should go my own way again.

Moiriane: That will lead to disaster.

Rand: It was a disaster when I went to Tear, and took Callandor?

Moiraine: Yes. That was a disaster because it made me look like an idiot for not advising you to do anything, then being angry when you did something.

Rand: Well, these are disastrous times.


Cadsuane: I must ignore the Dragon Reborn.

Sorilea: Why are you ignoring him?

Cadsuane: Because he threatened me when I threatened him.

Sorilea: How will you ignore him?

Cadsuane: By following him around.

Sorilea: Following him around is a strange way to ignore him.

Cadsuane: By always being around him, I will make him truly see how much I am ignoring him. I will stand next to him, but then I will turn my head the other way. Or if he says, "Hey, Cadsuane," I will say, "Was that the wind?" That will teach him whatever it is I am trying to teach him.

Soriliea: You have no idea what you are doing, do you?

Cadsuane: No, but that will not stop me from acting important.

Sorilea: Perhaps you should make up a plan.

Cadsuane: Okay. My plan is to use my ignoring of him to teach him to laugh, and then teach him to cry.

Sorilea: How will you do this?

Cadsuane: With my back turned to him, I will crack a couple of jokes, and then back-kick him in the shin.

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