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I was wondering if you had the ability to assign starting WS? Mat's two kids need a starting WS, and I'm not sure if I can give them one, as does my Fadeling. Since Ata is gone, I figured you'd be the one to ask.


Nope sorry, i don't. Then again, i'm not a Bio Checker either, but i'll post your PM in the staff forums and see what comes up.



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one i am around give me some time, 2 no one starts above class 1, and generaly you can asume it takes a lot to get a 5, which means that that whole class ws class 1 has the same req stuff, so its not that important to know which ws you are for the first few rp's ;) and specialy not for the rank ones as most of those aint ws related :p


i noted it down though, and will most likely get to it tomorow


no i aint gone awol cause i am in the states, i just got a diff schedule, and its not everywhere i go i can get on, also cause i cant just pick up the lap no more i need power plugs and extra stuff to get on cause they dont have the sence to use the same plugs and all over here that they do in europe for some reason :P



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