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The Light has forsaken you all {Jasmyne's Oaths} (ATTN Reds)


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A girl sat on her bed in the Accepted's quarters in the White Tower on the island of Tar Valon surrounded by the Erinin River in the northeastern corner of the Westlands. She sits with her legs folded under her and she is closely examining a Great Serpent ring - her Great Serpent ring. She turned the golden snake over and over in her hands, feeling every detail.


Jasmyne was frowning at her ring. She had worn this ring for at least ten years. She had actually lost count. How much longer would it take for her to get the second piece? She wanted a shawl. She didn't care what color it was, unless it was White. She would have taken nearly any color as long as she got a shawl. The striped dress was growing abhorrent. She brushed her hair out of her eyes. It was getting longer now: it was down past her ears. However, she looked a bit boyish in it, and felt it too.


Her door opened without a knock and permitted an Aes Sedai. She could not tell who for her candle did not quite reach that far. Unsurprisingly, the voice she heard was most certainly belonging to Larindhra, the Mistress of Novices. However, it was unlike her to appear this late. It was past curfew. From her shadowed face, the most shocking words she ever heard came. She had just been wishing for those words, but it was so shocking to actually hear them. "Jasmyne Ceres, you are called to be tested for Aes Sedai." She quickly got up and followed after the Red. She was thankful that she had decided to stay dressed for a while. She trotted after the Aes Sedai. She sure hoped she was ready for this. She couldn't afford not to be.


This Hallway went further than she had been before. She was led into a large room much like the one for the test for Accepted, but the ter'angreal was significantly different. It was a single oval shape. There were also many more Aes Sedai than before. One spoke.


“You come in ignorance Jasmyne Ceres, how would you depart?”

“In knowledge of myself.” She responded as confident as she could muster. Aes Sedai were always strong, even if they were nervous.

“For what reason have you been summoned here?”

“To be tried.”

“For what reason should you be tried?”

“So that I may learn whether I am worthy.”

“For what would you be found worthy?”

“To wear the shawl,”


She was then quickly briefed on her instructions. Small glowing pad to weave on, weave the correct weave, etc. she nodded, undressed, and then glided into the oval. She emerged on the other side in a very fine and expensive dress. At a glace, it appeared to be woven gold. The irony of this was that she was nearly waist deep in a swamp. A very muddy swamp. She looked around and saw the glowing mark a little ways off on top of a tree root sticking out over the swamp. She started to work her way over, but it was a rather difficult task. Her legs were short and by the feel of it, the hem of the dress was very narrow and movement constricting.


The branch was higher than before once she got to it, or perhaps she was just deeper in now. She looked down and it was definitely above her bosom. Short little arms reached up and took a firm grip of the monstrous root. The muddy water held her in down quite well and she didn't have the upper body strength to pull free. She would have to muck her way over to the tree base. It was a rather slippery tree, but she got up on it with much grunting. The idea of ripping the constricting dress ran through her head many times. It would have been much easier to get up if she had. She put her arms out and balanced over to where the symbol was. It seemed as soon as she set foot on the pad, the entire marsh came to life with the worst possible wildlife. Alligators covered the top of the swamp water. Mosquitos, bees, and all sorts of annoying and biting insects filled the air. Every kind of snake were suddenly dropping out of the overhead branches and crawling towards her. She started her first weave, and then proceeded to deal out punishment to the creatures that wished her harm. She wove a large wave into the swamp and deterred the alligators for a moment. Her training with Jagen Sedai had certainly paid off. She wove fire into the Air and a wave of Flames consumed many insects, but they just replenished themselves quicker than anything should have. The snakes were awfully close to her, so she decided a air shield around and below her would suffice, while a fire shield hovered above that to keep her air supply semi-constant. Cobras and adders struck at the shield and bounced off, the she was losing oxygen. The fire was using hers up.


A thought came to her. These were all cold-blooded creatures. She strongly wove a simple weave and the temperature suddenly dropped to below freezing. The alligators retreated into the swamp, bugs dropped from the sky, and the snakes hissed in disgust. She quickly finished off the absurdly complicated and useless weave, then was suddenly gone.


She appeared in another setting. It was brightly lit and plat. The pad was on a hill in the distance and she could see it clearly. She looked down and she was in her birthday suit and up to her shoulders in briars, nettles, and itchweed. And….there were ants in it. Very possibly also mites and biting beetles as well. She must remain calm. She must not scratch. She walked forward with her fists balled up beside her, the itching getting worse with every step. Needles brushed against her constantly and she could not imagine a less comfortable situation. Sweat poured down her face with concentration to not scratch herself. She increased her pace and finally got out onto the hill. She itched like mad and her eyes were tearing up. The glowing pad lay in front of her and she stepped onto it. She started the second weave and a strong wind filled with cottonwood fluff blew past her. There was so much that it was blinding and it kept getting in her mouth and sticking to her sweat. It was gone as fast it came, but then the most peculiar phenomenon occurred. It began to rain…vinegar? GREAT LORD! That stings! It was very hard to keep straight posture and not scratch. She wove a bit quicker. It rained harder. Her eyes began to burn. Must weave faster! Discreetly faster. The weave was done and she was gone.


This is exhausting! She thought as she appeared in the last world she would have to face. The creativity of the Aes Sedai working the ter'angreal was commendable. Who knew that large housewives trying to force-feed you could be so horribly distracting? What were they up to this time? It was the grand finale, so to say, so they would have to outdo themselves for this. She was in a simple garb and where she was appeared to be a barren wasteland of solid rock. Her symbol was only a few feet away and there was nothing out of the ordinary that she could see. She stepped carefully and nothing happened. She stepped onto the pad and waited for the bang. Nothing. She started to weave and it happened. The ground all around her shook violently and cracked open. Lava and steam exploded into the air and was falling around her. Hastily she wove a shield to block the large pieces of molten rock that were intent on landing on her. Hot steam then shot right up her dress and burned her legs and waist while scalding her torso. She concentrated hard to not scream or jump or run or something foolish like that. She was far too stubborn to give up now and she knew it. A weave of air deflected the steam away from her and she continued her weave. The ground shook harder and she nearly lost her balance. She wove a pair of rock bands around her feet so she wouldn't move from the spot. Her weave was nearly done. Another burst of steam shot into her face and she very nearly lost her weave. She deflected that one, crying from the pain. The weave came together and she was gone.


She emerged into the room and found herself completely unblemished in any way. The itching was gone too. Just a faint memory of it all. The other sisters were quiet and she donned her Accepted dress, then returned to her rooms for reflection. The candle she had left burning before had gone out in the time she was gone. She left it that way. She needed time to reflect and the darkness was far less distracting. She lay on her bed, absentmindedly scratching her arms. She wasn't itchy, but the memory of it made her feel like she was. Her mind was so lost in thoughts that she eventually just faded into a restless sleep.


She awoke to a knocking on her door. She rubbed her eyes and there were seven Aes Sedai standing in her room, one from each Ajah. Interesting enough, they were in alphabetical order by Ajah name from left to right. she did not know the Blue sister, Cara Sedai was the Brown, Alitacia the Gray, Janine the Green, Larindhra the Red, Lillith the White, and Respa the Yellow. "The time has come, Jasmyne Ceres, for you to swear the Three Oaths and become an Aes Sedai. The Amyrlin awaits. They all left and she followed them. Butterflies filled her stomach, worse than the night before. Why was this more un-nerving? They were back in the room with the strange oval ter'angreal. The Amyrlin was standing on the opposite side of the oval, and the Keeper was beside her holding a tassled cushion containing another ter'angreal. The Oath Rod. The Sitters of each Ajah stood in a semi-circle behind Kathana plus the newest Aes Sedai of each Ajah holding a shawl. A shawl that each one wanted to place on her shoulders. She only recognized two of them Jagen stood with the Reds and Kabria with the Greens. Those two were the only two she had ever really considered, and she had decided which one wins back when she made another major decision.


She confidently stepped through the oval ter'angreal and approached the Amyrlin Seat. The Keeper gave Kathana the Oath Rod and she spoke. “Your time has come, child. Speak the Oaths and seal yourself to us forever.” She placed the thin white rod into Jasmyne's tiny hands and wove Spirit into it.


"Under the Light, I swear to speak no word that is not true." Her eyes widened as she felt something constrict onto her skin, like a second skin. It was the oddest feeling. It was tight.


"Under the Light," she continued, "I swear to make no weapon with which one man may kill another." This one was just as tight over her skin. She hoped they would not crush her.


"Under the Light, I swear never to use the One Power as a weapon except against Shadowspawn, or in the last defense of my own life, that of my Warder, or that of another Aes Sedai." That last one came just as the other. She almost held her breath in expectance.


"Jasmyne Sedai, it is done. You have sworn the Three Oaths, and may now petition your Ajah." The Amyrlin took the Oath Rod and put it on the cushion, then stepped back. She stood and eyed all the Sisters over. She wanted to make sure she was right. She lingered over Jaydena Sedai, Eadon Sedai, and Loraine Sedai. She lingered over Raslyn Sedai, Shevara Sedai, and Zarinen Sedai as well. With a deep breath she stepped forward towards Jagen Sedai. "If it pleases you, Aes Sedai, I seek admittance into the Red Ajah" She heard a gasp, then a thump. All heads in the room turned to see the Mistress of Novices sprawled on the stone floor. She had fainted in shock. Respa tended her and she awoke, then all the other filed out of the room. Just her and the Reds.


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OOC: I know this topic is old, but I've been reading over old threads and I really want to respond to it.




Jagen stood quite still as she watched the Accepted take her Oaths. Her sister, now, a fellow Aes Sedai. She remembered Jasmyne as being a rather wild novice; she seemed to recall there was not a day in a three year time span when Jasmyne wasn't at the Mistress of Novices' office. Watching her eyes widen as the first Oath was taken reminded the Taraboner of her own raising in this very room. All of them shared this ceremony. It made them closer, and stronger.


She stood holding a shawl she stitched herself; upon joining the Reds, she had taken to help making them. The cloth was a beautiful bright red, as bright as the long red fringe that hung upon it. She was not actually expecting Jasmyne to walk forward toward them, and when she did, Jagen's lips turned up very slightly in a proud smile. She felt victorious every time a new Aes Sedai walked triumphantly toward their Ajah.


"If it pleases you, Aes Sedai, I seek admittance into the Red Ajah."


The Taraboner moved her arms to open the shawl, and had to stop in minor surprise when she heard a thump, turning around to see what had occurred. The Mistress of Novices had fainted? Fool woman, she thought for a moment. But the ceremony beckoned.


The most senior among them stepped forward to remove Jasmyne's Great Serpent ring, as was their custom. She kissed it and placed the ring on Jasmyne's right hand. No longer did she need to wear it solely on the third finger of her left hand; she could wear it where she pleased.


Jagen then opened the shawl and placed it on Jasmyne's shoulders. As she stood with her hands there, she said, "Welcome, Sister, to your new home."


Then Zarinen and the Reds present spoke together in the ceremonious conclusion, "The Red Ajah welcomes you, Sister."

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