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Reqs for ACCEPTED Selenessin al'Thorin

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Accepted Requirements for Selenessin Al'Thorin


  • Choose 3 of the Following:
    * Aes Sedai RP - In Search of the Unknown 6/6 posts ~ 3428 word count- Complete! - Requirements met, story is ongoing
    With Claire
    * Turning of the Wheel - URL 0/6 posts ~ 0 word count
    * Create your own Character Centered RP - [To Choose A Path] - Part One: Gray & Part Two: Blue 3/6 posts ~ 2530 word count - In Progress
    * Transition - - Here and Here 6/6 posts ~ 1754 word count - Complete! - note: return trip is in a second thread
    * Teach A Class - [Azalia Switt, Literacy and Saidar] - Here - 3/6 posts ~ 1514 word count - In Progress
    * Take a Class - [intermediate Saidar with Elyssa] - Here - 2/6 posts ~ 2193 word count - In Progress
  • Accepted Quiz -
  • Three Oaths - URL


Weapons Training 1, approved by Elgee -  5 posts ~ 2434 word count - Complete!

Weapons Training 2, approved by Elgee -

Weapons Training 3, approved by Elgee -  2 posts ~ 1396 word count - In Progress


For my own reference


Accepted Requirement Rules & Guidelines


  • All Accepted Requirements are a Minimum of 6 Posts (with exceptions stated below) and 1500 words per said Accepted for each Thread.
  • Share Posting is allowed but still requires the 1500 word minimum each.
  • Solo RP'ing (ie only you post in the thread) is only allowed in the Three Oaths, and 1 other thread (either Turning of the Wheel or Transition). The minimum word count of 1500 is still required, but it can be done in 1 post.


the word count:

It is a minimum of 250 words per post, unless you are:

a) Doing a solo post (1500 word minimum)

b) RP'ing with a Novice (for instance when teaching a Class) who only needs to do 4 posts (you can then split the 1500 word minimum over 4 or 5)

c) Doing a share post.



Accepted Requirements


  • Choose 3 of the Following:
    * Aes Sedai RP - RP with a sister(s) from any Ajah, while traveling, in an intrigue or anything else of substance. Does not have to be the Ajah you are aspiring to.
    * Turning of the Wheel - A character specific roleplay where your character changes in some manner due to an event.
    * Create your own Character Centered RP - Must be approved by Staff
    * Transition - is similar to Homesickness, except adjusting to wearing the banded hem, the new rights and responsibilities that go with it.
    * Teach a class* - Min of 4 Classes (total of 1500 words). Must be RP'd to Completion.  - Must be approved by Staff
    * Take a Class* - Must be taught by an Aes Sedai. Must be RP'd to Completion.  - Must be approved by Staff
    * One Open Rp - Where a Random Rp is started and others are invited to take part, be it a Prank or a Free Day.
    * 100 Weaves RP - Practice & Application.
    * Introduction to Roleplaying Class - OOC - only once per person.
  • Accepted Quiz - Ooc. Must be completed before RPing as an Aes Sedai.
  • Three Oaths - Only to be completed when previous Requirements are completed and marked.


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And... a request.


I'm taking over Melianna's role in a side-rp to thew Bowl of the Winds, helping Claireducky's brown Claire search for stuff about the ter'angreal in the library.  She said I could use it for one of my reqs, but the only one it would really fit for would be the Aes Sedai RP.


I'd done my Dreary Little Trip RP with a handful of greens for that req, but it would also fit with the transition thread because they're out of the Tower and she's given the responsibility of caring for one of the two children they are bringing back to Tar Valon.


This would also free me up to do the Turning of the Wheel solo, which means I might actually get raised sometime this summer. :D  (you're southern hemisphere, it's winter there, right?)

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