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(Moved from Tinker DG) A few poems

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Hey guys, as i'm now about the boards, thought it would be nice to share a few poems...poetry being one of biggest passions, though the poems aren't WoT related. (aside from WoT) :) Hope you guys enjoy! :)


*Felicur wanders between the wagons finding a quiet spot to sit and read a few of his poems. Stopping outside a multi-coloured wagon, he sits, leaning against it. Taking out a sheet of paper he begins in a low voice*




In the rose glow of dusk

swallows master the air

as sure as arrows,

weave their way

between apartment blocks

like planes in a dogfight.


From our window,

you remark

how they resemble baby penguins

touched by the gift of flight.


A Cloud


That afternoon in April

would never have impressed itself

so firmly on my mind,


probably would have played out

like any one of thirty,

if it weren’t for a passing cloud.


I wouldn’t have had cause

to momentarily lift head from book,

may have missed


furtive wagtails and sparrows

trying desperately to perforate

sun-baked clay with tiny beaks,


may have failed to see

all those leaves lolling on branches

like dogs with stuck out, thirsty tongues.


Pity, when it strayed across the sun’s path,

the cloud desiccated under that garish gaze,

broke up, went it’s separate ways.





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Than ks Felicur for shari ng, they were really good...


You are welcome by our firesides anytime.. :)

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Ah, no need to thank me Tayla. I enjoy writing them, hopefully people enjoy reading them...it's fun for all the family. I've hundreds of poems laying around so I'm sure I'll post more in the future :)

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ah, beautimous! when I read your works, it reminded me of a poem I did in my freshman class four years ago or so.


I am...


I am a child and the eagle

I wonder how much longer I have left each day

I hear more and more than anyone knows

I see how greedy mankind can be

I want to hear and see the day it stops

I am a child and the eagle


I pretend that I'm the soaring eagle on a mountain ledge

I feel the chill of the wind against my face

I touch the fluffy whiteness of a nearby cloud

I worry of the day when it will all end

I cry for the sick and the weak

I am a child and the eagle


I understand how to fly, but I cannot

I say, "Don't give up; your dream is both far and near."

I dream of when that day will come

I try my best to reach it each day

I hope to one day soar like the eagle, though only a child

I am a child and the eagle

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Cool stuff...but it doesn't rhyme...I grew up with Old Country music...it always had to rhyme...poems that don't rhyme...what will they think of next!!!


(just being silly...yes, I do know better)

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Poledra, thanks for posting the poem. I really liked it, simple but effective...the best way to write. :D


Sorry for taking so long to reply....in truth I read this days ago and thought that I had already replied, turns out I was wrong!

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