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Allisa the Green - funny - not

Guest Allisa

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Name: Allisa the Green


Email: allisarich99@yahoo.com


Division: I transcend divisions.


Age: Is that really any of your business?


Physical description: While its hard to catch a good look at her beneath her fur lined parka she quite often can be seen sticking her tongue out at people (that is until it became frozen to a flag pole – but that’s a WHOLE OTHER STORY). Other distinguishing features include a green thumb and dimples (but I’m not telling you where.) :P


History: Clad in mystery and snowshoes Allisa emerged from the far reaches of the North, ice pick in hand. While her wooly gloves might hinder her typing at times she has proven to be a prolific poster whose whirlwind speed often frustrates her fellow rpers. Alas frostbite must have somehow affected the right temporal lobe of her brain and creativity seems to have deserted her recently.


Has a distinct and unexplainable dislike of badgers.

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