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why no one knew about the seanchan before they arrived?

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Because everyone was to busy trying to kill each other during the War of the Hundred Years to care about what was happening on the other side of the world.


When the fighting died down and relative peace reigned, who would be likely to believe such a fanciful tale of the Seanchan and the threat they posed to the rest of Randland?


Also a lot of people believed that Hawkwing's blood had been wiped of the face of the earth, which implied that the invasion was a failure and Luthair was dead. Most people just assumed he had the same fate like his sister, Laiwynde, in Shara.






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I doubt that Luthair ever had direct word that his fathers empire was destroyed. And he also had such a great task ahead of him trying to unite teh Seanchan continent that he had no time to worry about that. Also rebellion is a constant problem with the Seanchan so the Emperess would have been worried that those that were sent back across would betray her and set up their own empire. The current Eperess must be very ambitios and she also must have trusted Turak and Suroth greatly, misplaced in Suroths case of course.

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The Seanchan continent is quite far away from the Westlands and believe me, they knew what they were doing. They were preparing for the Return and did so in secrecy. Few or no vessels ever returned from the Aryth Ocean as we know and that's more or less the reason. Who would wanna believe there was a threat anyway? Everyone ignores problems as if they believe that way they'll simply go away.

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