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How do you join the rpg?


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Go to Forum Option area on the right of this board, click which of the RP Worlds you want to belong to (Dragon Reborn or Age of Legends), and click on it, and apply in the next screne. Then make a bio, and post in the bio application area down in the RP boards, and wait for approval. Then join which ever group(s) you want to. I believe there is a restriction, but I am not so sure!

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It may sound complicated, but it's not that difficult! All the information you need to know before you create a character and start RPing is found here - http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=717


You are allowed to make one character per each division. All the guidlines for what your character can and can't be is outlined in that thread, linked above. Looking forward to see you Role Playing! (Incidently, if you decide to make a novice, I'll be working with you...great div to join, by the way :wink: )


Hope this helps also!

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