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[Movie]The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian review


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Summary: (Ie minor spoilers)



A thousand years have passed in Narnia since the Pevensie kids left. During their abscence, Narnia has been invaded by the Telmarines, and the Narnians are supposed to be extinct. When the Telmarine general Miraz fathers a son, he attempts to assassinate Prince caspian, the rightful heir to the throne, who is forced to flee into exile. When he leaves the castle, his tutor gives him a mysterious horn, which Caspian must only use in the absolute greatest need. Of course this need comes quite quickly...


In England, a year after the events in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, the Pevensie kids are at an underground railway station, when they all of a sudden are brought back to Narnia. They soon run into Trumpkin, a dwarf who brings them up to date with what has happened during their abscence. Eventually they meet up with Caspian, and plans are being made to bring down Miraz, and put Caspian on the throne.



After the fairly good outcome of The Lion..., I had quite high hopes for this movie. After all, we did see some good casting, quite decent CGI, and a script that felt loyal to the novel, while keeping a pace more suited for the big screen. And we do get more of the same thing. casting is most excellent (and the actors playing the Pevensie kids have improved a lot since the first movie), CGI mostly good (with a few minor exceptions), and the pace is very good (The movie is over two hours, but it certainly does not feel that long). I must confess I have not read the novel in quite some time, so I do not dare to give a judgement on how loyal to it the movie is, but it felt right. I am also quite surprised at how dark Disney dared to make it. It is definitly not a movie for children. And still, there are quite a bit of humour, especially from Lucy (Who stole the show for most of the mocie, absolutely brilliant performance.)


I am in a bit too good mood to find very much to complain about, but if there is one thing I found lacking, it is character development. For the kids, we pretty much got "Ok, you know them from the first movie, now they are one year older. Got it?"


But all in all, a good movie, that all fans of fantasy in general, and Narnia in particular should watch.

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I agree that any fantasy fan should enjoy this movie.  I haven't ready Any of the Narnia books and so I can't comment on whether they kept true to the original story or not, but I loved the story. 


The costuming was just beautiful with the exception of the last outfit they had Caspian wearing.  But that's a personal problem more than an actual dig on the costuming.


I think the only thing I can really remember disliking about the CGI was the Centuars.  I remember the Centuars being so well done last time and these ones were off.  They got the proportions wrong and they moved awkwardly.


Overall, I thought it was a great show of storytelling.

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I agree on all marks above... I am an avid Narnia fan and was very happy with this movie... Can't wait til May 10th, 2010 for the Voyage of the Dawn Treader!!!


The centaurs.... would be so much improved if they didn't pump their arms when the run. Apart from how they were changed from the first movie, most everything was really good. They did get a few things wrong, out of order, etc with the plot, but that is actually a good thing. As the makers of Harry Potter learned after the dismal first enstallment, if you make a movie TOO close to a book, it suffers for it... the plot curve in a movie is different than the plot curve in a book- they are designed to be different, so adapting one has to change the other a bit.

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