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The Asha'man...


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Ok... rand created the asha'man to be used and wielded as a weapon, but he never even used them... at least not fully together. imangan the entire black tower in battle, it would be the war of power all over again... an entire army of male channelers, perfectly powerfl, able to crush anything in his path. and him with the male CK with his general Flinn with Callandor. what a perfety army, no?



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First, there will be a undercard fight. When the Black aTower splits under Taim and Logain.


Second, there has been no need for the use of the entirety of the Black Tower up to this time. Remember they are still recruiting and training members. Any use of Ashaman would lead to the death of some of them. So Their use before TG is to be avoided at all costs. That we know that a confrontation between Taim and Logain is coming does not mean that it should not be avoided if it can be. Since Taim is at least a Dreeadlord such a confrontation is necessary even if Rand can not see it yet.

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We've already seen what unlinked Asha'Man can do at Dumai's Wells. They have learned to work together without being linked, the huge shield that they wove & the "Circle of fire & Earth"(writing from memory here) shows that they can work as a unit whithout having the problems associated with linking(such as not being able to react to threats on your own and needing to have 1 person handle all the weaves).


But the Asha'Man already have many AS in the Black Tower. all of whome are under thier controll. Linking will not be a problem.

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