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  1. So heartstone is not ductile or malleable... I guess I should have known it was a nonmetal, since it is called heartSTONE... They've already invented plate armor, haven't they? Why not make cuendillar pieces of plate armor separately and then link them together with ordinary chain (or whatever is usually used to keep a suit of plate armor together)? Sure, there will be weak spots in the armor, but there always are. And it's much better than being completely unarmored.
  2. Yeah. Perrin already threw away the axe, but the hammer is good for a lot more than just smashing things.
  3. The problem with electricity being the One Power is that men and women can use electricity in much the same way. The same cannot be said for the One Power. In any case, who numbers the Ages? The series takes place in the Third Age, supposedly (or rather, the end of the Third Age and the beginning of the Fourth Age), but who decided where the First Age fell? And given the changes that happen from Age to Age, and how history turns to legend, which turns to myth, how can anybody figure out that every seven Ages repeat themselves?
  4. The Rebel Hall knows that saidin is cleansed. Or at least, Jahar told them, and Merise backed him up (KoD, chapter 23). I guess they're too busy worrying about the siege to give much thought to the news.
  5. Something occurred to me that makes me wonder if perhaps the title "A Memory of Light" is a reference to Galad. Notwithstanding that his name means "Light" in Sindarin, Galad is also the only one who remembers what the Children of the Light originally stood for. (Or at least he was when we saw him last; he may have reminded some of the other Whitecloaks between now and then...) It probably means nothing, but I thought I'd share that thought.
  6. Elayne did make a comment, albeit probably a tongue-in-cheek comment, that Nynaeve would never be satisfied until she had healed somebody three days dead. Not much to go by, perhaps, but Rand does have quite a bit in common with Yeshua already...
  7. What I don't like about Egwene is that she jumps to conclusions about Rand. When she heard about the Aes Sedai who swore allegiance to Rand, she immediately assumed that he had Compelled them. Of course, it's not exactly her fault that she didn't know that they had kidnapped him. I don't think anybody in the White Tower except Elaida and Alviarin know that. I wonder how she will react when she learns about the 47 Asha'man Rand is sending to her to be bonded as Warders... and that the Hall has accepted the offer...
  8. Even those Emond's Fielders Taim recruited? I can hardly believe that Rand would simply kill them all without trying to sway them to his side...
  9. It wasn't until Knife of Dreams that we learn the Aelfinn's full answer, so I find it hard to believe that anybody could have ALWAYS thought that that passage from A Crown of Swords referred to it... After all, there are three books between A Crown of Swords and Knife of Dreams. Speaking of which, it seems odd that Rand made no comment on the similarity between the Prophecy and the Aelfinn's answer (which he first heard back in The Shadow Rising). Maybe Robert Jordan had his reasons for not revealing the Aelfinn's answer in ACOS... but if I didn't know better, I'd say that he had forgotten about the Prophecy when he wrote KoD. Maybe it can be chalked up to Rand's insanity. Actually, I find the subtle differences between the two rather interesting as well. The Prophecy: "The north shall he (i.e. the Dragon Reborn) tie to the east, and the west shall be bound to the south." The Aelfinn's Answer: "The north and the east must be made as one. The west and the south must be made as one. The two must be made as one. To live, you must die."
  10. Actually, the Prophecies said it as well. "The Prophecies said that he would bind together the people of every land. 'The north shall he tie to the east, and the west shall be bound to the south,' it said--and no one could be allowed to stand aside..." (A Crown of Swords, paperback, chapter 34, page 684)
  11. That'll happen as soon as she finds out that Moiraine is still alive.
  12. While Moridin may have been thinking of the Warder bond as well, the "involuntary rings" are most certainly those in which damane are forced to link with their sul'dam. Come to think of it, though, a two-way Warder bond would probably be akin to two channelers collared to each other...
  13. Of course, it's in Ebou Dar, where a woman killing a man was justified unless proven otherwise. And if women can get away with murdering men, they can certainly get away with raping men. Different cultures have varying attitudes toward rape even in real life, and consequences that range from an apology and a marriage to smashing the offender's gonads.
  14. I think it's PG-13 to say that being scared out of your wits is not conducive to arousal, although perhaps I should leave it at that... Or I could go on to say that Mat couldn't have been too scared to be aroused, or Tylin couldn't have done him. Yet it seemed, when I read those passages, like Mat WAS too scared...
  15. I'm pretty sure that at some point Nynaeve said that Lan was old enough to be her father, and of course Gaidal Cain is either much older or much younger than Birgitte. Age differences clearly aren't that sick, if they're both adults.
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