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CSI (Vegas) Season finale *SPOILER*


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:'( :'( :'( :'(


They killed off Warrick!!!  :'( :'(


I accidentally found out before the episode. My bf had gone onto an unrelated chat site and that was the topic.


Apparently Gary Dourdan wanted to leave, but there's definitely no chance of him returning as I think he's currently in jail.  :o



Sorry just wanted to rant :P

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Ok I stopped watching CSI right before this season but hearing they killed off a main character intrigued me and I ventured to check out the season finale.  But all I saw was this episode where they caught the psycho minature killer janiter lady and they found.... that one girl under a car.  It was pretty sappy but Warrick was alive in the end.  I must have watched the wrong episode...

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