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Masuko Svetanya


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             Novice Requirements



Novice Quiz - Ooc. Must be completed before allowed to RP.

Arrival/Meet Mentor - Rp where the Novice first meets Mentor/MoN/Roomates or all three.

Freeday - Organize an Rp with 2 or more Novices or Accepted.

One OP Related RP taught by An Accepted, Aes Sedai or assigned Mentor

* Introduction to Saidar

* One Power Weaving & Application

* Submit an option for approval to DMWTBIOS@gmail.com

Choose 2 of the Following:

* Homesickness - Adjusting to life in the Tower, your character reflects on missing home. (How does she deal with the loss of her family?)

* Chore RP - A chore given by either an Accepted or Aes Sedai and must be completed.

* Recovery - Your character must deal with a minor/major set-back or loss and must find a way to deal with it. (Will she approach a fellow N&A, Mentor or anouther Aes Sedai?)

* Prankage!  - You character has been involved in a prank of some kind! (How will you deal with it. Are you the prank-er or the prank-ee? Will you repost this to the MoN?)

* Create your own Character Centered RP - Must be approved by Staff.

Three Arches - Only to be completed when previous Requirements are completed and marked.


Novice Quiz: Complete


 Meet MoN: Complete Link: Here

 Meet Mentor: In Progress (Tea at the Greens) Link: Here

 Meet Roommates: Incomplete


Freeday: In progress (Tea at the Greens) Link: Same as Meet my Mentor. :D


Intro to Saidar

  Part 1: Complete Link: Here

  Part 2: Complete Link: Here

  Part 3: Complete Link: Here

  Part 4: Complete Link: Here


Add more as I do more. ;)

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