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Approved CotL bio - CCed by an invisible FL


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Character Name: Byron Taliesin

Age: 18

Email address: segurant[at]gmail[dot]com

Division: Children of the Light

Subdivision: Hand of the Light


Physical Description: Average height about 5' 9" with a stocky built.  He has blonde hair with blue eyes.


Place of Birth/Raising: Amador, Amadicia



Character History:


Byron is the son of Lord Hadin and Lady Ley Taliesin of Amador. Lord Hadin is a retired member of the Children of the Light, who claims to even have served the High Inquisitor himself.  Throughout his childhood, Bryon was sheltered from the rest of the world. Everyday he would get the same lessons after school from his parents. His father would preach to him the importance of following the Light and to hunt down the Shadow. He was taught how to properly hold a sword and military techinques.  Lady Taliesin is from House Thrace, a minor hose of nobles in Cairhein. His mother would teach him to distrust women who dabble in witch craft, who calls themselves Aes Sedai. He would also learn proper court etiquette and how to read other people's behavior. She taught him how to play the Game of Houses. They were constantly testing him physically and emotionally. Together his parents believed they were training him to fulfill his destiny in the Children of the Light. 







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