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I guess I'll introduce myself


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Hi all!


As you all can guess, I am a WoT fanboy. I've been reading and re-reading the series (so far 3 times already) since the year before Winter's Heart was released (can't remember what year). I've been lurking on Dragonmount since then, and today I work up the courage to post and introduce myself :)

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Guest Egwene

Hello Ono-neko... long time lurker :wink:


Guess, I don't really need to tell you what to see and do... hope you enjoy taking part rather than just observing. And I just know, you've been dying to vote in all those polls on the book forum :D


... obviously, if you're looking for a good place to practise posting, Fiddlesticks should be ideal. No knowledge of any kind is mandatory on there... you just spam away as much as you like


Look forward to seeing you round... :)

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Guest TheDemigod

Hello and welcome to dragonmount! :D


I hope you'll enjoy our boards and have a lot of fun,a nd do make sure to come by the yellow ajahs boards *nods*

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Welcome welcome

Well guess i cant say that since you have been here for a while. But any ways

WELCOME WELCOME to the onerary dragonmount.


I think you should stop by the blue ajah. Best of all i say.^_^_^

No offence demi.


Do you think youll join any org or rps?


White tower and black tower are good too.


Hope to here from you soon. PM me some time i love PM'S. :lol: :o

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