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    That's also not possible. Let's see... Hawking showed up when Mat blew the horn, and that's like 2-3 years ago, while Olver is already 10 years old. Time in TAR may slow down or speed up, but it doesn't run backward.
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    http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4676&highlight=olver+gaidal http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2951&highlight=olver+gaidal http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1548&highlight=olver+gaidal Somewhere in this 3 threads, you'll see the evidence that Olver is NOT Gaidal. I am too lazy to rip them apart to find it for you :)
  3. I would only disappointed if it ends with "they live happily ever after" kind of ending. I don't really care wether Rand lives or dies after TG, or anyone for that matter. I mentioned on different thread a while ago, I am a fan of Greek Mythology where the supposed heroes/main characters often have tragic ending. So what I want to see is even if the Light side wins, there is tragic ending, like Rand going to live the rest of his life with the two wounds, missing hand, half-blind, and bugs by 3 pretty ladies (not that the last one is such a bad idea :p).
  4. Well... Find other books. I am sure your fave author is not only RJ. At least, I know I have several favorite authors. Also, I like to re-read my books, which is why I always buy my books in hardcover (remove the dust jacket, place it in a safe place, and bring the book anywhere to read). Heck, I think I've read my entire library at least 3-4 times, which consists of more than several authors, and I probably will still re-read them when I want to "re-live" certain series again.
  5. I don't know how the seanchan will attack WT. But what I want to see is having WT becoming a battle ground, and the WT itself crumble. Why? It has been their symbol of power and arrogance for thousands of years. They have been controlling the land by saying "it's for the good of the realm", but in fact twisted so that most of the time it's all for "the good of the WT". Once WT crumbles, AS will start learn how to be humble, just as much as I think the AM will also learn humility, which a lot of people guessing probably from Cadsuane. When AS learns humility, they will again function as their name implies, "servant" to serve the realm, not "rule" the realm like chess-pieces. Well, that's what I want anyway :)
  6. As much as I disagree, someone suggested that Mat MAY work/compromise with the dark-side, thus giving up half the light, and somehow twisted that for the greater good. I am leaning toward he removed one of his eyes, because he figured out that the Finns are able to see "through" one of his eyes. This is because he has stepped into the red door thing, and it's part of the price. Someone mentioned that this is how the Finn have the collection of all the memories they gave to Mat. The suggestion is that all the people who owns the memory in Mat's head have stepped into the "red-door" and met the Finns. So, he needs to remove his eye because he doesn't want the Finns find out that he is rescuing Moriane. Maybe by rescuing Moriane, he is "saving the world" in a way. I don't know, but I prefer this kind of explanation :)
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    Hehehe... we are getting off topic here, but I guess it couldn't be helped. TheDiceAgain, I wouldn't say you are wrong. There simply isn't enough information to say wether Rand's eye injury is permanent or not. I, at least, would try to accept both possibility. But since I enjoy the Greek-style of tragic heroes, I am leaning toward blind perm along with his other perm wounds. Personally, I don't want him to switch body. I'd rather he died, or if alive, live with his current body for the rest of his life. I just prefer tragic ending rather than "happily ever after". This isn't Cinderella story after all :D
  8. RJ may or may not derived the word "ji'e'toh" from those words. He probably just play with some combinations of words from various language. You can learn more about Aiel (and some of the ji'e'toh) from: http://www.darkfriends.net/wheel/3_sources/3.08_asian.html http://www.darkfriends.net/wheel/3_sources/3.13_aiel.html
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    Just because she is afraid to try, doesn't means anything at all. The reason she is afraid is because she doesn't really know how to heal eyes as she said that she is afraid she might cause more harm than good to Rand. So, we still don't know whether it will be permanent or temporary. A somewhat good analogy would be a dentist wouldn't try to perform surgery on a person who has heart problem, because the dentist isn't trained to do that. The dentist may probably not even know how severe the heart problem.
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    Even after TG, there will still be wars fights among the "loose alliance". Especially WT, Seanchan, Borderland, Caemlynn, etc... They will want to know who gets what out of the winning, especially since Seanchan wants to rule all of Randland. I am sure a hero would be needed on every sides, whatver purpose the Wheel has for the hero or the fate of Randland. Maybe that's where Gaidal will be useful, in the aftermath of TG, which of course, we probably won't see since it may be 15+ years after TG to wait until Gaidal mature enough to fight in a war :)
  11. Here's some more reading about the relation between WoT and Nrose Mythology: http://linuxmafia.com/jordan/3_sources/3.02_norse.html
  12. I like the prediction that Red will now "babysitting" the AM. However, I think there will still AS outside the Red that will willing to bond the AM as warders. Even at this time, some AS who has been around Rand have bonded several of them. Of course, there are also AM who has bonded the "captured" AS as their warders, kind of.... It's going to be a complicated stuff...
  13. As much as I dislike Egwene, I agree that she has to act above and beyond what Elaida has done to Siuan. That's the only way to show that she is better than Elaida "the usurper", and that she CAN BE and IS the legitimate Amarilyn. I think Egwene do not have to do anything at all, as Elaida is paving her our path of her downfall. Maybe Egwene will only need to do the "clean-up" by the time most, if not all, of the AS realize that Elaida lacks of any ability to solve WT's problem. Maybe this will also affect the Red Ajah in general in some ways. Maybe the downfall of Red Ajah as they don't really have a purpose anymore (no more need to gentle male channeler)? Maybe the Red will dissolves or just merged into other Ajah? Then Thom will have no need to do anything? I don't know.
  14. I am not sure if this has been brought up or not. If so, I apologize. As far as we (or I) know, the Red Ajah's purpose is to catch any male channelers, bring them to WT (or skip this step), and gentle them. It's been their sole purpose since the breaking, since people in Randland afraid that the male channelers would go crazy and cause destruction. Now, Rand has pardoned all the male channeler. On top of that, he has cleansed Saidin. As far as the story goes (at least current interpertation), the Saidin is not tainted anymore, and male channeler will no longer go crazy. So, since male channeler won't cause problem anymore, at least those that are "tamed" by black tower, is there any more purpose for Red Ajah? That is if Aes Sedai/White Tower order will persevere after TG. Has this every been discussed of what will happen to the Red Ajah? I mean, they practically lost their purpose anymore, unless the WT still determine to exterminate BT, which I don't think they will...
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