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  1. I see no reason why the series can't be finished in one more book, the only thing left to happen is the effing battle.
  2. He was out shopping with Min. He has to look good for the big day.
  3. I always understood that Bashere was in charge of the Dragon Legion, leading me to assume that they were there just by the mention of Bashere being there.
  4. I will be happy with the ending as long as it doesn't end the way The Sword of Truth series ended. Biggest let down ever!!
  5. I think Lucs only role to play was to force Perrin to become a better leader. Gitara's foretelling didn't have to say anything about what was going to happen to either Luc or Tigraine, she just knew that they had to go to the waste and to the blight.
  6. I think there would have been a bit of foreshadowing if a blacksmith was going to be needed to fix the whole thing.(No pun intended)It isn't as if there is an actual hole that everyone can see. I think it would be great if the apparently unimportant/useless 100 weaves were needed to seal the bore. A very nice way to pass down an important bit of knowledge. Although I think it is very unlikely that, that is what they are for.
  7. How exactly would they make the Dream Spike Perrin proof?? I believe that Logain is gathering forces to attack the BT, but is also waiting for Rand to give the go ahead. I was also disappointed by the lack of Logain in TOM. He has a lot of catching up to do plot wise and I could see there being several Logain chapters in AMOL.
  8. I think that the "rubble" that has to be cleared away is the Forsaken. With the Forsaken within the bore there is still a connection to the wheel for the DO to manipulate. And of course the "Patch work" has to be removed before a Rand can put up a good solid everlast seal. I can't wait to see what Fain has to do with it in the End. I guess the only thing to do is RAFO.
  9. I am pretty sure that the Gholam is immune to both sides of the source. And the only weakness that it has is the medallion that Mat carries with him that is also immune to the source. Meaning that Mat would have what it takes to kill it. I could be mistaken...... but i don't think so.
  10. I think that Mat is going to kill the Gholam near the end if the next book. It is already wary of Mat and Mat has been thinking about how to use his medallion to kill it. Being the great General he is he will think of something.
  11. I said 1 million dollars from EVERY country! MUHAHAHAHAHA!
  12. I have to agree with Shoulderthumper, if the SoT production is a success it will be good for further productions of fantasy series. I have read most of the SoT Series and find it to be a very good series I think it will be a success.
  13. Good point there is a difference between agreeing and understanding. I cant wait to see what Cadsuane and Sorilea do to teach him tears and laughter again. I hope it has something to do with Tam, I really miss him.
  14. I always thought that it was a sitter that had done it but now I can see that Lelaine fits Perfectly. thanks. Why else would a keeper stand up for just a sitter?
  15. I didn't find the Perrin chapters extremly boring but they could have been condensed alot, it just took way to long for him to get her back. For all you people who think that Rand is to angry and to suspicious look at all he has gone through. He was kept captive in a chest and the only time he was taken out was to be beaten. Put yourselves in his shoes I think I would be a little pissed of and suspicious too. and he is trying to run like 4 nationalities at once. Don't get me wrong I like Elayne but I really hope that she does more than bitch out Rand in the next book because he got he
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