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Attention Whites or Avalonshroud


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Ok so this is what I would like done


That page may need updating, what this means is I need to know these things. All Ajah Members please contribute and post info here Avalon again you have my permission to change anything that you need to:

1. Do you want the paragraph to stay the same.

2. The graphic, I would like to see it changed, so can you do graphics, know someone who can, or can you post about it on the siggy request page. It needs to be the same size but all the graphics on the website belong to Andrea. *Sign up here if you want to do this*

3. Who is Ajah Head, her name and her contact info, if there isn't one, we need to get an NSW bio out of the archives or find out who was ajah head last and work with that.

4. Sitters, you need to decide who is Sitter, if you don't have any Sitters than we need to find NSW bios and get those added onto the website. Also need their contact info.

5. Members- who are your members, do you have any and what is their contact info.

6. Do you have an offsite website, do you plan on starting one, do you want to find out if someone can help you do one?


Thanks guys!



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Please let me know how this looks to all of you and add your contact info so I can get this set up. Is the banner ok, what's NSW's do you want for your ajah head and Sitters? http://www.aliciawilkerson.com/whitetower/boards/viewforum.php?f=57&sid=c1c9f6686e1c5cd9f38072dfff0a317f

You can check out the White Ajah bio archive to make a decision. Thanks ladies!


Ajah Mission

Sisters of Logic. Cold, calculating, devoid of all emotion. The White Ajah is known for its abstention from the day to day workings of the world. Truth is their goal, and Sisters of the White Ajah can be ruthless when pursuing it. Members of the White Ajah make perfect questioners because of their ability to shut out emotions and focus only on the truth and gaining the truth. Sisters who choose the White Ajah upon raising to the shawl are not always, as a matter of fact rarely, unfeeling and without emotion. Only when you are sure enough of the emotions within yourself, can you then find them in others and take them out of the words they speak or the actions they make to find the truth of the situation.


The White Ajah knows that the world of man is a world filled with emotion. It is their Sisters’ belief that if you can peel off the layers of emotion like the skins from an onion you can reach the heart of any matter.


Concepts most likely to join


Philosophers, teachers, writers, free thinkers


Current Leadership


Head of the Ajah* N/A

Sitter N/A

Sitter Adrai Tynin (NSW)

Sister Lillith Izmorova- raeynsedai@yahoo.com

Sister Sherrhiana Thymus ata.dorje@gmail.com

Sister Taeadra Culthane Crissy/taeadra@yahoo.com


Website: N/A


* Note: The Head of the Ajah is a carefully guarded secret. You will not know who is head of the Ajah ICly unless you are a member of that Ajah. White sisters call their Ajah Head First Reasoner.


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I'll poke Taeadra on here tomorrow, and see if Quatilina will respond to my MSN-age, and attempt to muse on ideas myself.  I don't think anyone is going to whinge if someone wanted to write up a good quality NSW though.

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Tsk, no taking a cue from your comm Greenies and reading insults into everything I say.. I've none of those for you anyways *winks*


And I'm sure you're perfectly logical, but I fully doubt you're icy or cold!

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I think that a taciturn reminder that:

a) I'm not Karana (which means I'm not going to attack Greenies for being Greenies  ;)),

b) I don't tolerate people being disingenuous (and tend to pick up on it), and

c) I don't beam sunshine out of my ass, so don't expect it; I'm cranky when it suits me to be cranky, and I'm not going to pretend otherwise!  ;D


I think that as long as people don't act in ways that aren't their true 150% selves (bitchy, stabby, sunshine, or otherwise), they'll have no issues with me.  If people make a point to beam fake sunshine up my ass, I have noo issue being a bitch to them, no matter what Ajah or station.


We can talk more about this sort of stuff later though; I would like to see better relations between our Ajahs, but it's deffo something that needs work on both sides of the equation ;)




Taesie is a fun and dandy character, but I know what she means in part - when everyone starts taking an idea and running with it, it gets really dull, boring, and annoying, as what happened with almost every idea Sira seemed to come up with back in the day. 


I haven't started thinking on NSW ideas yet (had a horrid headache yesterday), but I'll try to today.. if my head cooperates.






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*hugs* I agree Rae about the ajah stuff. Will catch you on google when I can, and yes I know what you mean. I had the same thing with the pillowfriend thing, Seia and I did it and before I knew it everyone up the Ammy and the Keeper were pillowfriends. *G*

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