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hello out there =P


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Hello all ;D .

About 5 years ago when I was just figuring out how great novels are, I grabbed a copy of The Eye of the World as only my second big read. I read up to around book 6 (LoC) before I moved on to other smaller books(600 pages or less  ;D) because, these being some of my first novels, I started to lose inerest when the plots started to break up and become hard to follow ??? . Well, having read a TON of books since then, I was bored one day and looking through a stack of books and stumbled across my old copy of EotW. I figured what the heck, its been so long sicne I read em it'll probably be like a new book anyway.


Well here I am now on ACoS and absolutely loving the books, aprreciating them way more now then the first time.


Anyways i was looking up some info on the books and found this site, browsed around abit and knew i had to join these forums cause it just looked like way too much fun  :)

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Oooooooh I'm first I'm first !!!


*does the happy chicken dance*  ;D


errrm ... I mean:


*adjusts shawl and steals someone else's dignified look*


Welcome to DM, Gabriel  :D


Have you had a chance to look around the Orgs and RP sections yet? Got any questions?


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Guest nephitess

Hey there Gabriel...welcome!!


*looks at her Ajah sister*


don't mind her...she is a wee bit crazy that one is. ;)


Come and check out the White Tower and the Aiel!! Both Orgs are full of fun people and lots of activity. In both Orgs we have actives that you can be involved in. right now the Aiel have the Humor contest. *nods*


Either way...enjoy your time here!!

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