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Guest Dreadlord



Actualy Bob, RJ said that about Ishamael, when referring to the whole "We have fought a thousand times, we only need to win once, you'll serve us whether dead or alive, this is the last time" thing.



I know that.  That's why when I swapped Asmo for Ishy I said it was a paraphrase.



Paraphrases like that should never be used. If you're going to quote something from the books and change part of it to back your theory up you are wasting time. Seems like you're inventing things to back up your ideas. I could say that Mesaana is Mat, that Moridin is Ingtar reincarnated, that Shaidar Haran is the voice of Narg, that Padan Fain is an amalgamation of himself and the Horn of Valere, and that Rand is the Ashanadarei Reborn, if I use paraphrases in the same way you do. And I could say Im not wrong in doing it, although I would be lying.

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Guest The Thin Inn Keeper

I've got an answer for that, but I'm not going to reveal it just yet.




Would you PM me and let me in on it. I won't spill the beans.

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Guest The Thin Inn Keeper

But here is the thing, not every plot by the forsaken are ordered, or even approved by the DO. There are so many examples of this that even the most casual observer should have noticed this long ago.


And here's a little backup from the big man himself:



Sunday, September 25th, 2005

I see a number of posts about that, and I find them a little surprising.  Anybody out there ever read about the internal workings of the Third Reich or the reasons why the Nazis made some of their major, and often disastrous decisions?  It was a zoo.  A madhouse!  Just for an example, even in the last days, they were sidelining trains carrying desperately needed supplies to the front in order to use the engines to transport more people to the death camps!  And yet they came within a whisker or two of winning.  There are hundreds of counterfactuals — the historian’s name for alternate histories — showing how the Nazis could have won outright as late as Normandy, at least to the extent of hanging onto Germany and quite possibly France, or pulled out a tie as late as the Battle of the Bulge.  The internal workings of the Soviet Union under Lenin, Stalin (even more so) and most of their successors often made the Nazis look almost sensible, yet Stalin did manage to defeat the Nazis, though largely with the inadvertent help of the Nazis themselves.


The Forsaken are a group of power hungry people who don’t like one another and vie with one another for power as much as they vie with the forces of the Light.  Much like the internal politicking in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. 





It's all about protecting their own fiefdoms. I don't agree that they're always looking out for the DO. eg. Aginor's comments about using the Eye of the World, possibly Lanfear's re. using the Chodean Kal w/. Rand to, essentially, become gods.


They're all about protecting their own interests. If they can do that while "serving the DO", then great, but they aren't above ignoring his orders if they see fit.

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