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Brandon S. Thoughts on his books & how this might reflect on AMoL - SPOILERS!


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OK  -  Again -  This contains discussion about Brandon's other works so if you have not read them - I advise to GET OUT!!!









I read Elantris first and while I enjoyed it, I was not all that impressed.


Don't get me wrong but it just did not "Grab" me like WoT and ASoIaF.


Truthfully, after reading Elantris I was a more than a little worried about how well he will do on WoT.



Then I got the free Mistborn e-Book from TOR and went ahead and read it.  I found it to be a vast improvement over Elantris.  Mistborn 2 was equally impressive.


Don't get me wrong, I am still a little worried about style and depth of detail that RJ had, versus what BS tends to give.


But one thing that I especially did like was the Mistborn battle scenes.  In this area I think that BS has gotten quite good at describing the mechanics of his magic system and how those effected the well described and personalized battle scenes.


I think that this will be especially important in this particular book.  There will be battles at the WT, battles at the BT, maybe battles at Finnland, Lan's battles+++, not to mention the Mega battles of TG.


Really, to wrap (mostly) everything up in this last book there are going to be a LOT of battles.    BS - if he can properly project himself into the WoT magic system and atmosphere, together with RJs notes+++,  he really might be able to do a great job on this particular book.



What do you think of Brandon's writing?    Give specifics if possible.    And how do you think that it will translate into his job of finishing WoT?

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