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  1. Wert, I have mixed feelings on this. To some extent I agree but by the same measure, I don't. She went seeking the Bowl of the Winds. Since the weather problems were effecting the entire world (Including Andor) I would say that a case could be made for her to be still addressing the needs of her realm. After all, she was one of the two that actually saw the place in the dream world, so she was needed to help locate it in the real world. But it was irritating to see how long it took them in Ebou Dar and in her POVs she seemed to not have a thought to - "Gee, I really need to get on with this so I can get to business back in Andor!"
  2. Oh but I do! Please be so kind and tell us.
  3. I agree with the general sentiments above. Many of the characters in the books have gotten in trouble and on occasion I thought - Damn - what is the matter with XXXX character. But it is believeable because people can get over confident or due to lack of information. But in KoD there are TWO such events that just went far beyond believeable and deep into the extreme annoying for me. Elayne was obviously going to get the throne so it was not all that interesting but her attack on the BA was so poorly concieved, implemented and without emotions on her part that I do not enjoy the chapters nearly as much as I like the rest of the books. Her Asedi sisters, the Warders and the soilders that all got killed because of her lack of preparation and then on top of that her lack of emotion and shame for her mistakes at the end was just too much. The other one is the Rand-Semi scene in KoD.
  4. Well historically, Physical (upper body) strength has frequently been a significant criterion for determining a leader - especially in small groups. This is considered the primary way that Men have generally dominated Women throughout history. I would well think that the WT would have started the same. A relatively small group of women - say a few hundred go together. Assuming that non of them really stood out domineering wise then the one that was strongest with the One Power, would easily have ruled. She would have thought "Well I'm stronger than all the rest. If they don't do what I say, I will just "shield" them until I get my way." Sure the others could have joined together to "beat" her, but she might well have had others that agreed with her. Whatever the case, it probably became the WT standard after that.
  5. Luckers, I agree with the first part but not with the second. Just because they can use the Bond in that way with a normal man, does not guarentee that they will be able to with a Channeler. We have already seen with the Rand/Alanna bond and the Merise/Jahar bond that it is not all that easy for the AS to (Control) Male Channelers. And until we see an AS try to use the Bond to Kill a Channeler - we will not be able to say with a "Certianty" that it will work.
  6. But I am so in harmony with my Faile Hate and Caddy Hate. It soothes my sole to hear 2000 other postings chant to the same rhythm
  7. The only one that I can think of that seems to cross the line on her not being a Black it her thought at the Cleansing "A shield, she decided. A captive Forsaken might prove very useful." (This is the same one Luckers mentioned a few posts above) Sure you could say that - according to her agenda - this could be seen as another "Grey" statement. But it does really seem unlikely that if she was a Black, that she would want to capture a Forsaken for Rand and company.
  8. Yes, this is one of the many major parts of AMoL that I am very anxiously waiting for. It has significant potential to cause a great deal of disruption to the Seanchan sul'dams and possibly beyond.
  9. I agree that Verin is one tough nut to call. For the most part I agree with Luckers that as many POVs that we see of her and her actions - it is hard to believe that she would be Black. But for the same reasons that BJ mentioned here - I just can not be completely certain. She is one of my most favorite characters and I will be really upset if that 5% possibility of her turning out to be Black comes true. I hope that RJ either completely wrote her part of AMoL or that he at least left really good notes on her.
  10. Are you saying that knowing that Rand was the Dragon - early in EotW would have spoiled it for you? If that is the case how did you ever get past the first few chapters? I think that it became obvious, at least to me, that Rand WAS the dragon real quick in the books. So if that was your criteria for fininshing, I am very surprised that you even finnishe the first book, much less the following books. Just a curiosity. ??? ??? ??? By the way, I have known several people that read the end - before they get there - and I also have never been able to understand the concept either. ??? ??? :P
  11. Since you asked: Caddy Caddy Caddy Caddy Caddy Caddy Caddy Caddy Caddy AND FAILE!!!!!!! Sorry I just could not resist! The Shame!!!!!!
  12. Well thanks for replying but we don't seem to be getting anywhere here & I just don't have that much time to put together posts that are not completely read or understood. I am sure that it is my fault - my posts are done on the fly while I am on break and so they are probably just not composed well enough for you and luckers to comprehend. Again, I am SURE that it is my fault, not your's so please don't take offense. Cheers!!! :) :) :)
  13. It is direct enough in MY book and I would think that it would be direct enough for the DEAD person as well. Dead is DEAD!!! I think that it says clearly that all "objects of power" are the White Towers, Caddy is AS so it is her responsibility to enforce this.
  14. I absolutely loved the irony involved. Poetic. On the balefireing a Sa'Angreal... I think everyone's spelled it out nicely. Who knows what that would have done. Definitely not adviseable with so much of the one power being channeled. :o I agree with both of these. On a side note - somewhat related - it is my opinion that the DO can probably thank Elza for the fact that more Forsaken wern't killed at the Clensing. She was controling Callendar and got directions from Caddy on where to "Blast" with it. Slight delays and slight angle changes could easily account for why she missed "every single time"! Osan'gar being the single delibrate exception. It is a shame that she did not confirm this in her few POVs.
  15. So what? I don't see a problem with using the tools you have to carry out the job at hand. And I agree with you. Unfortuantely, you took my statements completely out of context. -- I was responding to Luckers claim that: “She not once uses those ter'angreal in the books to get her own way.” I say that: 1. That is ridiculous because she has already developed her REPUTATION based on her use of them. Regardless as to whether someone knew that she had used those tools to help her earn that REPUTATION. All AS now treat her differently because of her past accomplishments. Accomplishments that were earned via those “Thingies”. Since AS visably treat her differently, this is obviously seen by NON AS who already regard most AS very highly, resulting in even higher respect given to Caddy from non-AS. The “Gee AS are scared of her – I better jump twice as high for her as I go for regular AS.” 2. We do not have a constant POV from Caddy throughout the books so we can not be sure what “Thingies” she might be using at any given time. We do know that she has “Thingies” that tell her if a male channeler is near and if he is holding Saidin. Because we see this at least once (CoT US HB Pg 540). So yes she is actively using her “Thingies” in her dealings with one person that we know of - Rand and she can’t help but use the Reputation that she earned in part from her historical use of the Thingies. Does she walk around telling people that she is going to hit them on the head with her Thingies if they do not do what she wants – NO – that is effectively handled by her REPUTATION. People are awed by her reputation. Have you read TDR? The entire book was Rand ignoring Moiraine's advice. Depending on the part of TDR you are referring to the answers to that vary – because for a while there he WAS acting quite strange. Beyond that YES Moiraine frequently gave him good advice in TDR and was more than a little irritated when he did not jump to do everything she suggested. But he rarely if ever refused to listen to the advice. In the end, her advice was not as good as the solutions that he came up with. Then the problem is not with Cadsuane but with White Tower policy. Regardless, the policy is not a particularly bad one. Indeed, it saves most men an unpleasant end. And it is far better than your idea of using the stedding as shelters. Why would the Ogier even agree to do so? Why would Far Madding agree to do so? Every where, people are scared out of their wits of men who can channel, regardless of whether they are doing so or not. “the policy is not a particularly bad one”?????? If they had inadvertently gentled the DR and the whole world was lost to the DO – I WOULD CONSIDER THIS TO BE BAD!!! I think that every non-Darkfriend would agree that it would be bad! That was the context of the statement. Why would Ogier or Far Maddingites refuse something that would save the world over the stupidity that was being committed? Ref WH US PB Pg 730. Aleis (of the FM Counsel) “We have no fear of Asha’man, Cadsuane” Until this incident – they had no care if a male OR female channeler was in FM, because they knew that said channeler could not channel within the city limits. FM also has a very tight security system set up so that not even a SWORD can enter or leave without their permission. Surely that could easily be adapted to include a branded male channeler. As far as Ogier are concerned, they have ALREADY shown their willingness to do what was necessary to save the world. OPPS! Thanks for correcting me – so it is even worse than I remembered! Verin's a dangerous lady--though she never actual confronts anyone, i reguard her to be about the most dangerous character in the series. Cadsuane herself notes that she is left uncertain about Verin, and reguards her warily. Moiraine too is strong and dangerous. But Rand dismisses both. Neither could have done what Cadsuane is doing, and that those are both strong willed women does not make Cadsuane less so--indeed i would still place her as stronger willed than either Verin or Moiraine. In a direct confrontation with either Cadsuane would win. Verin would never let such a confrontation happen, and Moiraine... well, it did happen in NS, and Moiraine was forced to flee under cover of dark. “Verin's a dangerous lady--though she never actual confronts anyone, i reguard her to be about the most dangerous character in the series.” Well it’s nice to agree with you about at least one little tidbit lately!! “Moiraine was forced to flee under cover of dark.” Come on! Moraine was only just raised and was caught up in other very urgent and important business that could not be delayed at the time. It really demeans your argument to even mention it. “In a direct confrontation with either Cadsuane would win.” No in a direct confrontation with Verin, Caddy would be DEAD!! She came DAMN close already and you know it! I am sorry but I can’t take this as gospel, if you do – that is OK to me - but to me the AS really seemed to be terribly sloppy about those things – look at all the runaways and AS rejects that left the Tower with that stuff. Look at Caddy she has had her stuff near forever and we know from Moraine that their possession of such stuff is supposed to be limited. But you are probably correct that that was the way that it was supposed to work. Well that is what they would like you to believe but if you believe it then how about if I sell you some prime beach front property in Arizona. I can guarantee you that it will be a steal! The fact is that you have no proof of this and especially for minor lords which is what we are talking about. If anything, this desire to give the “appearance” of no break in family line would ensure greater secrecy in any such adoptions that were needed due to infertility or deaths of the true line. That level of secrecy would preclude AS from ever being completely sure even for minor lords. What? Who was trying to cast dark aspirations on Caddy? And I could well be wrong but I thought that in EoTW, Moraine and Siuan commented that they had to be careful because Rand could quite easily get accidentally gentled before he was declared
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