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cover art?


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I have just recently purchased the FULL WoT audio book collection to date (geeze that was expensive).

When i was burn the countless CD's to my itunes I realised that i wanted some cool cover art.

Now i'm not the biggest fan of Sweet's cover art because of it's inconsistency but it has to be said it's a hell of alot better than the UK book covers which are boring to say the least.

As i proceeded to place the cover art into itunes i just looked awful with that garish text and "best seller" slogans.

So i set out on my epic quest to find some decent quality pictures of Sweet's art.

Now it wasn't short or easy but i've managed to find nearly all the art for the books without the crappy writing all over them.

But i've hit a bump in the road and can't for the life of me find the artwork for Crossroads of Twilight and Knife of Dreams.


Thanks in advance. 



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Heh, nothing like a copy/paste, eh?


It doesn't appear that anyone has been made aware of a source for clean copies of the cover art for the latest two books yet. Not that I've heard or seen, anyway.


Perhaps Tor will end up doing something similar to the 2001 Wheel of Time calendar with each book's full cover art once the final book is released and the series is complete.


In the meantime, the only alternative I can think of is trying to creatively re-paint the portions of the art obscured by the offending printing.

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Ignore the cover art, I really dont like Sweet's works either, they're just awful on the whole and on the front of Path of Daggers, Rand looks like Gary Barlow in his fat days.


If you want some really good artwork go to the Gallery and look up 'lord_of_chaos_jr' - their artwork is fantastic. It can also be found at



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