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POLL: Which book is the best???

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I am only to Chapter 29 of The Shadow Rising, book four, but I just want to know what you guys think. So far I think that the best book is The Great Hunt.


So you guys just let me know what you think and please don't post any spoilers for little Blig Blog.



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Guest Dreadlord

I dont even think Knife of Dreams was that good to be honest. The only thing that was good, in my opinion, is that Rand got wounded again. But even that wasn't in a real fight; he would have dodged it if Min wasnt stood directly behind him. Maybe the fact that Moiraines survival was announced, and Moridins order to kill Mat and Perrin (if that was even in KoD, its been a while.)


As for Eye of the World, while I think its good I rarely think the first book in any set is the best. Nothing major happened in Eye of the World, beyond the first few steps of the Ta'verens' development.


My favorite is definitely the Great Hunt, because of Padan Fains importance, because Mat blew the Horn, and because Rand fought Ishamael in the sky (again, if I am right on the last one.)


Many of my favourite threads are from other books though. The development of the Ashaman is great, especially up until we find out who Dashiva is. I also think Lord of Chaos is one of the best purely because it is the start of one of my favourite ideas RJ ever had-the Moridin/Rand link. So much could come of that link, I just hope Im not dissapointed...


I would give my soul to see these books made into a game after it finishes, a game that follows the whole main story and leaving nothing out. But its never guna happen

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My favorites would have to be:


1. The Shadow Rising

- First time we get to see the Aiel waste and really learn what the Aiel are all about.  I also love the storyline of Perrin returning to the Two Rivers.


2. Lord Of Chaos

-The Dummi's Wells scene is one of my favorites in the series.


3. Fires of Heaven

-Lots of great battles, Rand vs Rhavin, Moiraine vs Lanfear.  Also contained most of the Asmodean storyline.  Would probably be #1 if not for the complete lack of Perrin.


The rest I'd rank in this order:


4. The Great Hunt

5. Knife of Dreams

6. The Eye of the World

7. Winters Heart (the cleansing of Saiden another one of my favorite scenes)

8. Path of Daggers (started kinda slow but ended really big, might rank higher if not for the complete lack of Mat)

9. The Dragon Reborn (Seemed concerned with getting everyone to Tear and with little else, plus the whole Rand fights Ishameal at the end was getting a bit repetative)

10. Crown of Sword (kinda slow, thougth it did contain two of my favorite scenes one was when Nyn broke her block and the other is the battle at Shadar Logath that established the Rand/Moridin link)

11. Crossroads of Twilight.

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It is extremely hard to rate the books, and I constantly change my mind. Usually I have LOC at the top, as that is the book where the political aspects really kick in, and we see Rand struggling to find his way. Dumais Wells was a good one, though I rarely have battles as one of the top factors for rating books. Except maybe the Cleansing.

But it feels weird to not put books like TEOTW, TGH, TSR, KOD or TFOH at the top. Which goes to show just how awesome this serie is.


At the bottom, POD. I can not even think of anything to say about it. But that does not mean I think it is a bad book, just not as great as the rest of them.



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