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Approved WY bio for Saeric Talvus - CC'd by WK


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Character’s name: Saeric Talvus

Age: 16

Place of Origin: Saldaea

Hair Color: Light brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 155 lbs


Personality: Saeric is the cool, collected guy in the back of the room. The type that knows what’s going on, and will only interfere to save someone’s hide. He doesn’t get mad easily, unless it is a righteous fury. He rarely lets any emotion show, and is a quiet person. Often gets the blunt end of cruel jokes because he doesn’t fight back, or maybe just doesn’t care.


Brief History: Saeric comes from a family almost as old as Saldaea itself. His family served the Crown very loyally. The family also had close ties to the White Tower. All the able bodied sons with the last name Talvus were sent to train with the Warders for four years. After the four years, they would decided to either stay and become a Warder, or to come back and serve in the Saldaean army. There were surprisingly few who stayed with the warders, but Saeric was one of them. He left for Tar Valon shortly after he turned 16, and he took his sister with him, who was only a year younger. His family also sent all the girls in the family to be tested, but over the last 800 years, maybe a dozen passed the test, and only 4 ever made it to the shawl.


Saeric had some weapon training before leaving. His father and his uncle had taught him the basics of swordsmanship. He knew many of the basic sword forms, and all the responsibilities that went with it. He looks forward to training with them.


He arrived in Tar Valon in a timely manner, considering he had to go all the way from Saldea on foot. Something about building character.  His older brother was still with the warders when he got there, but his time was almost up, and he wanted to go back to Saldaea. His sister failed the test, but was allowed to stay in the Tower until her brother left. Now that he was free from distractions, Saeric could finally get down to training.

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