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Approved WY bio for Connar D'isharei - CC'd by WK


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Name: Connar D'isharei


Age: 19


Place of Origin: Kandor


Hair Color: Burnished Brown


Eye Color: Green


Height: 5' 8"


Weight: 135 lbs.


Brief History:


Connar was born in Kandor to Adaro D'isharei and Myrelle Taige, an Ebou Dari woman who almost became an Aes Sedai, but was kicked out of the tower after learning to control her meager hold on saidar. After Myrelle was exiled she went abroad, traveling northward towards Sheinar. However, she was caught in a Trolloc raid and would have been a Trolloc's dinner but for Adaro who saved her. He began to court her afterwards and soon after they were married in Kandor. She lived in peace there for sometime, staying as Wisdom, until she took ill and passed away. Adaro soon died from grief. Connar was 12 years old at the time.


Connar had received some instruction in the way of the blade and bow from his father. He continued his instruction for two more years under Lord Ingtar of the Grey Owl. After completing what he felt was enough of his instruction he set out for Ebou Dar, where he thought he had relatives. After several months he arrived in Ebou Dar, only to find that his almost all of his relatives had died, with the exception of his eldest cousin, Kantori, who was now married and living in Tar Valon. And so, the wheel led him to Tar Valon. Upon his arrival he was reminded of his parent's wish that he would one day be a Warder. Connar lived in Tar Valon for several more years under Kantori's protection and tutelage. Practicing his blade skills each day he also received instruction in etiquette, court proceedings and proper decorum for meetings with merchants and lords. Kantori's husband did approve of Connar's sword practice and archery practice, so upon his 18th name day Connar decided to abandon his current plush life and seek entrance to the White Tower, thus far he is still trying.

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