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Approved Updated WK Bio for Medrin K’Lethwyn - CC'ed by the Dark One


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Returning member's updated bio.


Character Name:  Medrin K’Lethwyn

DM Handle: Daegus

Email address: flitwig@gmail.com

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Place of Birth/Raising: Shienar


Physical Description:  5’10’, 195 lbs., golden yellow eyes, black hair fashioned in the Shienaran top knot, always dressed in clothes to give him the best cover possible.


Character History


Medrin was born as the second son of a noble military family.  His father was an officer in the Shienaran Infantry.  His older brother had been training all of his life to follow after their father in the Infantry.  Medrin, however, was fascinated with horses.  He was always running after the stable and horse masters, watching and learning all that they did.  His father and brother taught him all about the basics of weapon use and how to keep them in good condition.  His mother hired tutors to make sure that his other academics did not suffer.   


At the age of 16 he joined the military but to his father and brother’s dismay, instead of the Infantry, he joined the Calvary with his love of horses and the training he already had.  He learned his place showing ability and aptitude and quickly made the rank of Sergeant. For two years he worked along the border outposts, ranging from one to another. But all that was good was not meant to last.


He started to notice things. He saw things more clearly and at a greater distance then the rest of his squad. His hearing improved... smell, taste...it all grew to sharper and higher proportions. At first he thought it was a sickness and went to the military chirurgeons for help but they could find nothing wrong. A couple of months later he started feeling brushes against his mind... thoughts that weren’t his entering in. His dreams became troubled. He was a wolf in human guise... running on hands and feet with a pack. Hunting and feasting on fresh game. During this time the men in his unit started growing distant and watched him most of the time. He knew they thought he was going mad. There were days he wondered the same. 


The day it all fell apart was when he woke up and saw that his eyes had changed. No longer were they the grey of his birth but they had changed to a golden yellow. He could not hide this.  He tried to keep his gaze averted but it was to no avail. When the rest of his unit saw this there was angry muttering. Finally the mutterings became open accusations. He was a darkfriend... he was shadowspawn touched by the Dark Lord himself. He was persecuted at every turn. He left the unit on horseback and fled deep into the forests. He started hearing voices. He didn’t know where they were coming from he feared he was going insane. He made a campfire deep in the forest.


During the night he had a visitor... she called herself Fireschild. At first he thought she was a darkfriend sent to torment him or another part of the madness. However, she explained to him what was going on and for the life of him he believed her. How could he not when he saw the same golden eyes he had reflected back at him in her gaze? He allowed her to take him to a settlement where there were others like them. He underwent the basic training to control and accept his new gifts and to start learning his place within the society.  Through this he learned the name that the wolves had given him... Shadowstalker.


After this he was asked where in the society he wanted to be. At first he thought about being a Tracker as that was what Fireschild was. But the more he thought about it, the more he realized that they needed a proper defense.  A way to protect them all and that the handful of warriors they had were not enough. So he opted to train to become a Ranger, to serve and protect the Stedding as a whole. He was placed under Nightsfire for training till he was considered ready to join the ranks of the Rangers.


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