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[Movie]The Namesake


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I had this on my netflix, after I saw a trailer of this movie on the movie, Once. It looked interesting, and it was. I can't really get into to much detail about the film, but it Is a pretty damned good movie.


Heres the description of the movie on the netflix case.


"While he respects his immigrant parents (Irfan Khan and Tabu) and their decision to rear him in his United States birthplace, Gogol Ganguli (Kal Penn) is torn between Indian traditions and the modern Bostonian lifestyle. Jacinda Barrett and Zuleikha Robinson also star in director Mira Nair's thought-provoking coming-of-age drama, which explores first-generation Americans' delicate dance between culture and identity."


The movie is just as the description states, its a story about a first-generation americans' family, and the obvious cultural identities that they and there children have. All of our families, at one point in history, were immigrants to this country (Unless your native american ;)) and while we all may not be of Indian Herritage, you can definately feel a connection. And if not, you can at least experience, a bit of Indian Culture, and a, well thought-provoking story. And as the name implies, it involves a Name, rather, the Son, Gogal's Namesake, and he, actually having a very, meaningful name compared to some others, and this will become, very clear by the time you have finished the movie.


I'm not going to say, this is a MUST Watch movie, but I will say, it would be a shame, not to see it.


Btw, the Taj Mahal is fricken awesome. I need to put the Taj Mahal on my list of places to see.  ;)

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