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After A Memory of Light...


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After the last book is published in paperback, I do hope that some kind of compilation of notes and the audio recordings that RJ made before he passed will come out for the public. That would be fascinating to look at in some context. Dear Mrs. Harriet's editor's notes and some commentary by Sanderson as well would be EXCELLENT. This would make a great companion to a comprehensive collectors edition of the series. I mean, not to be too commercially-minded, but this would sell.


In the meanwhile...


In the age we live in, it wouldn't be too outlandish to have some kind of film documentary to follow Mr. Sanderson on his journey to complete the most epic of epics. Intertwined with snippets from the family of James Rigney, including Harriet, and even some notes from Tor, I would pay to see this movie for sure. Insight into the world of the writer has always been intriguing for me. Movies touching on that creative process have always been movies that I've been interested in. I've recently seen some of the movies that delve into fantasy world building and roleplaying, documentaries. While just an outside comparison may not be all too flattering a concept, my point is that a documentary about closing the final chapter in this series would have more than an esoteric appeal, I think. There are at least a few million people around the world who would LOVE to see something like this, I think. I'm just assuming.


Hey, if all the extras and the material leading up to the final novel is meant to remain in the background not to see the light of day, I'll be very happy just to read the end of the series.


Still, every bit we get to see about how this vision came to RJ and then to us...I guess it has some value, no?


Well, what do you think?

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Please see quote by BS, kindly responding to my querry as to possibility of other books after AMOL (on a forum in BS' webpage)


First, will I do more WoT books?  I don't know, honestly. On one hand, I would hate to see writings of me Jordan go unfinished, and I now know what the prequels and outriggers would have contained.


On the other hand, I don't think any of us want to simply exploit the master's legacy.  We don't need dozens of books being released in Mr. Jordan's name.


Let's see where we are in two years. There are too many factors involved to give a good guess now. It will depend on the state of the notes, the fan reception to book 12, and how Harriet feels.




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I'm more interested in a compilation of the notes and original writing for aMoL by RJ then a documentary. Sanderson mentioned that he would be hoping to do some things like that in the thread id General Discussion, which I assume you read that made you think of this.


I would watch that documentary, but I'd much rather have that compilation of RJs notes, audio notes, and Harriet's Editor's notes, and some of Sanderson's comments, in a book form rather than a documentary. Though the audio notes would be interesting to hear, though slightly saddening.

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