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  1. The main problem that I have with it is that it ended. It's title was so bogus. Other than that, I liked it.
  2. I think that so long as Harriet is involved and is able to veto anything, the books will stay true to RJ's vision.
  3. Could be. There's nothing to dismiss it, but also nothing to back it up. Never gave it much thought, I just figured one of the sisters may have picked it up while gathering what she could for her escape.
  4. Indeed, Kyn, you tell that Kepen. Skirts indeed. That's a kilt, Sonny Boy. Sure, it's solid green, not a proper tartan. And yes, it is down to his ankles. But Kyn wouldn't wear a skirt. Except that one time in college. But he was curious, and everyone knows college is the time for experimentation.
  5. I dunno about that. Elayne's a bit of a prude. I think it wouldn't be too hard to get Min in on it.
  6. Yes, I won that bet! I knew someone would say it. I owes me five bucks. Oh man! I didn't think anyone was gonna say that! Maybe think it, but not say it. I owe me five bucks... I'd like to see on of Rand's fingers getting cut on a rock on Shayol Ghul, which vanquishes the Dark One.
  7. When you said that, an interesting thought crossed my mind. The tied off wards, those could also be 'rotting'. Granted, I know less about the last three books than the rest, but I don't see it as the wards and the rot contesting for the food, but more that the wards are rotting, and allowing the food to rot, if you see the difference.
  8. Now that's a funny story. What if saidin was actually the female side of the source, but all of the books made an error and switched saidin and saidar around? And that edition of LoC is the only one that reveals the error made throughout the series? That'd be pretty cool. I think every single one of us should start using saidar when we're talking about saidin and saidin for saidar. We'll be able to freak out all the new people that come to DM.
  9. A finished series, you say? I got a good one. Not sure of the name, but it's by John Marco. The names of the books are... The Eyes of God The Devil's Armor The Sword of Angels Happy reading.
  10. There's no error in my edition, which I know was printed before 2003. Incidentally, the place where the error is at on my copy is on page 866. However, come to think of it I recall seeing an error like that. I have another copy of LoC, I'll go look at that one. Nope, there's no error in either of them, but they're both the same edition.
  11. I think it is fitting. How many of us won't be having some memories of RJ, if only about the other books, as we read A Memory of Light?
  12. I'd go with Thom. Because really, who would pass up a chance to get with Moiraine? Also, I can't juggle, so that would be great.
  13. It's been said before, but ample bosoms are also very important.
  14. No no, don't put it in the Debates and Discussions. Then it just wouldn't feel right to chime in with silly, pseudo-on-topic comments. I'd still do it, but it wouldn't feel right.
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