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Perrin's Dream / Viewing


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I've always been a bit intrigued at Perrin's ability to read the pattern in his wolf dream. Its almost a combination of Min's power combined with that of a Dreamwalker's ability to read the "future."


Anyway, the most interesting one for me can be found in TSR at the beginning of the scene when he is hunting Slayer/Isam in the Wolf Dream and finally about to wound him. A series of black windows open up and he sees.....


"Mat vanished, and it was Rand. Perrin thought it was Rand. He wore rags and a rough cloak, and a bandage covered his eyes."


I've always wondered what he was referring to here....i'm rereading the series for the first time in many many years, but I do not recall this coming to pass yet..particularly the problem w/ his eyes which seems to have gotten worse by book 11. I suspect that this might actually be the condition that RA will be in after TG, but I was wondering if anyone had any theories on this.

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Some will tell you that he was seeing Moridin in Rand's body, after Tarmon Gai'don (which is why he wasn't sure it was Rand).


I personally think it will be the aftermath of Rand meeting the Borderlanders, and the 13 Aes Sedai with them springing some trap, which he barely escapes. 


But whatever it is, it doesn't look like it will be fun for Rand.  I have a feeling the last book won't be nearly as much "smooth sailing" as some people describe it as being ....

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