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Approved FL Bio for Rhosette, Aiel CCed


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Handle: Andrea ("Arie Ronshor")


Character Name: Rhozette or "Rose"


Email address: arie.designs[at]gmail.com


Division: Freelanders


Age: 190


Gender: Female


Race: Ogier


Physical Description: Short for an Ogier at 8 foot 2, her features are soft for an Ogier, naming her as a young beauty among her kind.


Place of Birth/Raising: Stedding Tsofu


Talent: TreeSinging (revoked due to longterm inactivity - dd. 02 October 2010 - FL Staff)


First Entrance:  http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,24158.0.html


Character History:


Born in the Stedding Tsofu, daughter of Mar, Daughter of Alar, Rose was an an Ogier progeny. Gifted with the TreeSong, she also was far more than a simple scholarly mind. Her creativity drover her deeper and deeper into the libraries not only in the Stedding, but also neighboring Steddings and the Royal Library of Cairhien. At the age of 70, she left along with the Aes Sedai Maegan Ryanne to assist in the building of the library but also in the small grove hidden in the Academy's depths. Her curiosity also led her to more debates not only within her kind but also with other scholars. Her views were considered remotely radical, if not mildly incorrect, but the Elders of the Stedding which left her to become a little recluse 20 years after her leave to Cairhien. None too impressed, she was restricted to the Stedding. Arguing against this, Rose debated her freedom to stay as long as she was not bound in marriage as a way to ground her and bring her back around to more conventional thinking. Favored for her talent, this was agreed. 90 years later, her itch to explore the world and to see the Ogier Groves along with a promised inside look at the White Tower Library, she steps into the world once more. Not before being told she is to return with a prospective husband.

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Guest Arie Ronshor

Rose is a mouth-piece, even for an Ogier. :P However, Forge has something to worry about. ^_^



*kisses* Thanks Dearest.

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