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(Moved from Tinker DG) DM Caravan Trip!

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Ok guys! Me and William have been entertaining the idea for quite some time to start a trip around DM as the Tuatha'an for neighborly visits to see what's out there and who's who where ever they may be. As the Traveling People, we felt it was time to replace the broken wheels on these ole caravans and hook up the horses to them!


So on the 21st of October, the Sunday after next, we will start our adventure across DM with the Black Tower! We will be there for two weeks and then we will move on to the next person. I will post here for each update as to the times and our next destination, so you may want to keep this thread bookmarked if need be.


There will be points available for those who participate! One point will be given to the ones who post at least 5 times in two weeks (2-3 posts a week! you can handle that, right? ;)) and for each five ORGs or DGs (that's only half of them!) you visit you will gain another point! So there is a total of 12 points up for grabs here! I wouldn't miss out; would you?


1. Black Tower

October 21st - November 3rd



2. Children of the Light

November 4th - November 17th



3. Aiel

November 18th - December 1st



4. Illuminators

December 2nd - December 15th



5. Band of the Red Hand

December 18th - December 31st



6. The Kin

January 1st - January 14th



7. Ogier

January 15th - January 29th



8. Seanchan

January 30th - February 12th



9. Shayol Ghul

June 1st - June 14th



10. White Tower

June 15th - June 28th



11. Wolfkin

July 12th - July 26th


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Great idea guys! wish I had the internet so I could join yall! But take my horses along for the ride will ya?! ;) They could use the work out.


*snuggls and dances to the flames*

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CoL trip starts today! link can be found under the CoL's dates int eh first post.


Damane and Simon participated in the BT visit and both posted more than 5 times. 2 points for the both of you!

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We move on to the Aiel today!


Simon joined me at the Children of the Light and posted more than 5 times to earn two points. If Eclipse had've joined us, he'd have earned his firs two points, too. Maybe I can convince him, yet ;)

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hahahaha! *cuddles*


ok, change of plans. The Illuminator's ORG will be our next stop. If the BotRH doesn't get back to me soon, they'll have to be pushed back again and I'll ask the Kin.

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LotD and Damane's points have been updated for the CoL trip. and hte BotRH finally got back to me! They willb e our fifth stop. I am pending a response from the Kin for the sixth stop *nods*

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lol, for a while, dear. There's still like 6 more ORGs to go to :P


and to make my life easier, can you guys (LotD and Damane) post when you get your 5th posts? I'll be loopy from doctors' medication after getting my wisdom teeth taken out *winces* I'm very... attached tot hem and don't want them taken out, but the orthodontists said I gotta let 'em go...

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