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So, writers, here´s a few


Raymond E Feist- I really love Magician, sadly, his latest books isnt as good. Might be able to do well if he gets back to his old self.


Terry Pratchett - No, I´m just kidding. Thou it would surely be hilarious ;)


Trudi Canavan - Promising author. I can see some simularities in plot buildup(or maybe its just that I want to see it), but I think it shows that Canavan got less experience. Possible that she could pull it off well, but I´m not very convinced.


R.A Salvatore, I like his books, but, No. Not really.


If I were to decide on this (trembling at the thought) I would go for someone who eiter is very accustomed to writing with/following up on another writer, and/or isnt very famous. That way, its propably more likely that theyll stick to RJ´s way of writing as much as they can, instead of trying to "improve it" by putting in theyr own style. Maybe his assistants are skilled enough to do it? I am in no position to judge that, at there very least, they would be worth theyr weight in gold for whoever will write it.


And then, if she was willing, Harriet should be very active either in the writing, or atleast in the editing process. Wilson should propably be in on the editing too. That way, everyone who RJ actualy told the plot to is in on it. Even if its all on tape, those who actually heard him say it in person will have a better understanding of it.



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Personally I don't consider Terry Brooks to be a good fantasy writer (unless of course you enjoy regurgitated Tolkien).  His books are allright but more like the cliffs notes of LotR.


GRRM and his aSoIaF is a close second in my book to WoT. 


Feist is pretty good.


The Wayfarer Redemption by Sara Douglass is excellent


The Coldfire Trilogy by Celia S. Friedman is pretty good as well.


Terry Goodkind sucks and is a cheap RJ knockoff.


Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Eriksson is also really good.


I'm sure I'm missing some but those are a pretty good start.

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Ursula K. Leguin - Her Earthsea series is great (an had to have inspired Harry Potter) and the SciFi channels butchery is unforgivable. 


R.A. Slavatore - Gets better the more he writes.  His early stuff reads like a D&D manual but still enjoyable.


George R.R. Martin - I think GRRM rivaled Robert Jordan as one of the best fantasy writers working today before RJ's untimely passing.  A Game of Thrones is an amazing book but be warned - the series is a little on the "adult" side with some rather graphic sex and an unexpected F word or two.


Terry Goodkind - Good, solid fantasy that rises above much of the fluff that passes these days.

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This should be moved to General Discussions.


George R.R. Martin, Tad Williams, Roger Zelznay, Frank Herbert, Gene Wolfe, Stephen R. Donaldson, Stephen Eriksson, Scott Lynch, Naomi Novik, J. V. Jones, and Patrick Rothfuss to name a few.

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