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Questions about Amico


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I'll preface this post by saying how odd it feels to be questioning RJ's fact checking now that he's gone, it feels a little blasphemous, hopefully I'll be forgiven....


I was working on a re-read of TDR when I noticed that it said, according to Verin's information, that Amico was only 4 years older than elayne and egwene.  Since we know that at that time Elayne and Egwene were about 17 this doesn't seem to fit for a number of reasons.  First, it would seem that Amico would almost be too young to be Aes Sedai at all, and secondly, it would mean that Amico had spent an incredibly short time as novice and accepted.


Further, we know from comments that Avhienda made about Amico,(I won't sidetrack this by asking when Avhienda had seen Amico prior to her stilling,) that she possessed an ageless face.  Since this symptom of the binding takes some time to aquire what gives....Did Verin give the girls wrong information or is Amico too young to be believable?

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I think you've found a mess up. But to be 'that guy' we do know that very rarely some girls can spark as young as 12 or 13. And since Amico was able to maintain the shield on Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve all at the same time we know she wasn't weak, and we know that stronger girls often move through the training faster than weak girls. So, if you twist logic far enough, Amico could have spent four years as a novice, four as an Accepted, spent a year or so gaining the Ageless look, and still only be around twenty-one years of age.


But I agree... its a bit of a stretch.

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