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Zyr or Roka-This is new


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General Error


Could not obtain user/online information




SQL Error : 1030 Got error 134 from storage engine


SELECT u.username, u.user_id, u.user_allow_viewonline, u.user_level, s.session_logged_in, s.session_ip FROM users u, sessions s WHERE u.user_id = s.session_user_id AND s.session_time >= 1190859051 ORDER BY u.username ASC, s.session_ip ASC


Line : 108

File : page_header.php







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I haven't seen that error before

why is the webby going all error happy nowish?

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It did that to me too.... I had it saved to my favorites and the link wouldnt work... go to the top of your page where you type in the web address and delete all of the stuff after .com which will take you to the main page then just go to the forums from there.

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phpBB2 modifies the tables. Occasionally, they need optimizing. We never optimize them, so they tend to get cruddy.


Roka and Noggy have access to MySQL, and Roka once sent me the details for it so I could repair it when we last had an issue like this. Clear enough?

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Unless you execute an SQL script, you do it individually in phpMyAdmin.


Choose your database from the menu on the left. You'll get a long list of tables. On the far right, there's a column labeled "Overhead". We don't want overhead. Look for tables that don't have a blank in this field. When you find one, click the number in the column.


This will take you to the table's structure page and scroll you down to where you'll find a link that says "Optimize table". Click it, wait, go back to the table list, and repeat.

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