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So i'm kinda digging here...

Maglin josVinn

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quite literally, though a couple years.  just curious who's still trollin around on the forums here.  some of you might remember me even:


Maglin jos'Vinn

Captain General Of the Scouts

Band of the Red Hand

DM 2005.



since my username has a special character in it, i can't connect from anywhere but home, and hopefully dm doesn't 'reset' its active connections and 'remember me' connections, else i'll have to come up with yet ANOTHER name.  agh.

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There's a few of the other oldies floating about too, but not many people check General these days. They might not have seen you yet.


And I believe I'll be here until hell freezes over. I've tried to quit. Jason always talks me out of it. Mainly because he's right, I wouldn't know what to do with myself otherwise, the smarmy bastard.

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