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  1. which mid michigan store? i'm from lansing.
  2. sorry, i'm half way through the book already.. couldn't put it down. *sigh* hehehehe.
  3. ... but i don't know you? perhaps a different name? i know i liked to post everywhere... but... i tried to know the folks who responded to my comments.
  4. heh. as one of the coats, i can imagine your type rarer than mine even. lol.
  5. *chuckles* when i'm not on WoW i'm always looking for something to do online. all i have to do is find my copy.
  6. J and i have never shared a conversation... not to my recollection any the hoo. i wasn't particularly surprised to see your name still here in all actuality. there's a few others i would have hoped to have seen tho.
  7. so are you all that remain? sad and not surprising at the same time. i still have the ability to contact Xandrea Draylin *if i get lucky* and Claire Al'windischan on occasion. everyone else is somewhere else as far as i can tell.
  8. quite literally, though a couple years. just curious who's still trollin around on the forums here. some of you might remember me even: Maglin jos'Vinn Captain General Of the Scouts Band of the Red Hand DM 2005. since my username has a special character in it, i can't connect from anywhere but home, and hopefully dm doesn't 'reset' its active connections and 'remember me' connections, else i'll have to come up with yet ANOTHER name. agh.
  9. i re-read the series with every new book. guess... well, one more re-read. i've posted twice in 2 years. this is the second post. i'm not volunteering. *wink*
  10. my thanks for the experience... and my thanks for the communities that shown to RJ how truly important he was, even over the story that we bite nails over waiting for the next book. an old name... i think... but some of you might remember me: DM 2005 Maglin Jos'Vinn Captain General of the Scouts, BotRH.
  11. Vinn looked at the woman with an eyebrow raised, cross eyed at the finger... "A walk? and why are you coughing, if you've taken up a pipe or anything like cause of these idiot men around here i'll thump some heads." He straigtened, and in a haphazard attempt at making himself a bit more presentable, straightened his vest over his wrinkled shirt, and attempted to brush a bit of the crud off his pant leg. He returned his gaze to Drea, and past the hand that waggled a finger in front of his nose, and instead, at the package in her hand. "Well... i suppose i could walk with you wherever it is you're going..."
  12. "Light?" Vinn chuckled, standing from his haphazard bow "More like dim." he released his grip on the woman in front of him, looking down to his left hip where he seemed to have remembered putting his wineskin last. He sighed. the skin was there, but like everything else on his person, it was in worse repair than not, and the clingy mud and dust on his pant leg could only have been glued there by whatever cheep wine he nicked last. He removed the skin anyways, and took a full hearted swig from it, figuring he might get lucky. a drop or two was his reward. He took the skin away from his mouth, inspected it with a actively unaware eye, and decided he could just get another if he wanted, tossing the torn skin off to one side. "So. You're lost. I'm drunk, i think, and that much is clear. Funny, i should think, not that i'm drunk of course, but that your lost. Perhaps you should return to the woods. A wee bit easier out there i would think." he offered a grin, not aware of the words coming out of his mouth. "Then again, never too sure about it... you did disappear for a while. a man like myself should have a chance in hell of finding someone..." he stopped, a moment of clarity... "then again, i am not entirely sure where i am right now. hard to find something when you don't even know where you are." completely distracted already, he glanced about for a easy target for his pilfering antics, and perhaps a solution to his already forsaken thirst.
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