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If you are just joining us...


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Welcome! We're always happy to see new members, no matter the circumstances.


Unfortunately, you are joining us at a very trying time. Not only are we reeling from the death of our favorite author, but our forums were down for a week due to the overwhelming traffic on this site. Some of our members are still unable to access the site, a situation I expect to continue for a few more days.


However, please don't let that stop you from joining and participating in our community. We're doing our very best to reorganize ourselves after the events of the last week, but we still have time to help our new members get oriented. Please feel free to ask anyone a question, either via PM or by posting on this board.  There are several people who either officially or unofficially make it their business to help the newbies out, so you won't flounder long.  Many things about our community are not intuitive, so your questions are not unexpected or unwelcome.


I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you on the boards.

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You beat me to making this thread Kath.


New Members, I am your friendly neighborhood mod for the new member forums, which means that I am the person you'll want to PM first if you have questions. You should also feel free to create your own hello type thread to ask any questions that you may have. Just don't be afraid to ask them. There is no such thing as a stupid question.



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