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Approved BT Bio for Lucan - Pls CC


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Handle: The DarkLord


Character Name: Lucan Alkier


E-Mail: thedarklord26@hotmail.com


Division: Black Tower


Age: 20


Gender: Male


Physical Description: Lucan is tall and willowy like most Domani, with copper colored skin and dark eyes and hair Lucan is outstanding only in his good looks. He wears his hair short. He has a lean body not exactly toned but not an once of fat on him.


Place of Birth: Arad Doman


History: Lucan was born into a great Domani merchant family, his mother was disappointed that she had a son and not the daughter that every Domani merchant woman dreams of. His father had died of a sickness three months before he was born. Lucan grew up with an education expected of a successful merchants son. At fifteen he began to have…feelings for his best friend. Confused and a little afraid of these feelings he went to his mother, after telling her she laughed and held him close saying that now she had the daughter she always wanted. She taught him what every Domani woman would teach there daughters, only tweaking the curriculum to account for the fact difference in genders. Finally armed with the seductive knowledge that all domani women had, Lucan gained his first lover. Five years passed, and Lucan and his love had five wonderful years, they had kept there love a secret, but His love’s father found out and did what he thought would put an end to it, he married his son off to some cow faced noble mans daughter. Over the next few months Lucan sunk into a deep depression. His mother noticed that things…happened when Lucan was angry or depressed, odd things. Trees on the land surrounded by there manor would catch on fire, Lightning would strike out of a clear sky. She suspected that Lucan could channel. She was bond and determined not to let her boy end up mad like the stories and tales said he would. She got word of the amnesty for men who can channel from her merchant network. Having one of her trade vessels prepared she and her son set sail for Tear, about three days our of Tanchico Lucan got terribly sick, a sickness that she noticed that his father had died of. Watching and waiting she sat with him for hours as the sickness and fever racked his body. The Light apparently heeded her prayers and Lucan was better. They put into Tear a few weeks later, and began there search for the men who could help Lucan.

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