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This is pure speculation here and feel free to flame me, i'll just ignore it.


Has RJ said that Demandred hasnt been encountered yet, or is that just us assuming so? Is it possible do you think, that he's a character we are well-acquainted with, but he hasnt been revealed yet?


He could be anyone, if this was the case? Hiding away, not causing harm but not aiding Rand either. He could be... Galad, or Taim even, although i think that's been disproved before, he could be one of the whitecloaks (other than Galad); Dain Bornhald would be a good one although we've had his POV already.


Of the main 'races' so far however, many of them have / have had a Forsaken in their midst; Sammael is in Illian, Rahvin was in Caemlyn, Mesaana is an Aes Sedai, Graendal is in... Altara?, Semhirage is with the Seanchan... could Demandred be with the Aiel?


Just pure speculation here.

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There have been a lot of names bandied about as possibilties; Bashere, Masema, and the mysterious Taraboner seen in Arymilla's entourage outside Caemlyn [COT: 15, Gathering Darkness, 371] seem to be the most popular.


All of these can be debunked or contested for various reasons, but it's not necessary to do so:


Q: "Have we yet seen the alter ego Demandred presents to the Third Agers on-screen?"

A: "No." (I asked twice to make sure.)


[Michael Martin, Dayton OH signing]

So, if Demandred is disguising himself as someone, it's not someone we've met so far.





I'd say it is nearly impossible for Demandred to pose as an Aiel. Their culture is so different from every other that there's no way he could learn it well enough to manage such a thing.


I still think that e's not posing as anyone at all, but working beind the scenes. As Sammael said, Demandred loves using proxies. He might have a finger in Masemas doings, he might have something to do with Asunawa, who seems quite nasty even for a Questioner, he might have something to do with Murandy...

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