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Welcome, Brother.


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Even as she walked away from the glade of remembrance, leaving Nerome behind to share a moment in peace with those who had passed there before him, Rosheen could still see the look on his face when she had handed him the dagger. Had she had the same smile that lit up her eyes, but not her face when she took her dagger from Lyv’s hands? She could barely remember it now, years after the fact, but she knew the feeling was the same. It was like coming home for the first time in her life.


And nothing really said ‘Welcome home’ than a good and solid party. With a grin Rosheen ran to Nerome’s quarters, leaving him a note that she expected to see him in the ‘Lay of the Land’ as soon as his contemplations were done. With some luck, that would be before everyone there to celebrate his promotion was already well and truly drunk on life and other more chemical substances. Dropping her cloak off in her own room, she was pleased to see that several of the Tower Guard of her company were already waiting for her. “Time to go!” she said, leading the way to the inn that was owned by the Commander’s leading lady.


Within the next hour, more and more people filed in. Rosheen was certain she recognised a few Aes Sedai as well as a few trainees. But the code demanded that on nights like these, no one would take notice of who was breaking curfew and who wasn’t. The promotion was a delicate thing. Her mentee would get to say farewell to the life he had lead as a trainee, and his fellow Tower Guards would get to welcome him to his new life. Talks and laughter filled the room, until Nerome himself appeared. Her former trainee. She rose to her feet, and raised her glass.


“Everyone, I would like to have your attention for a remarkable young man!” Her voice carried through the entire common room. “This young man has been under my wing for the better part of three years, but no more. As of today, Nerome Seshir is no longer a trainee!” Rosheen raised her glass to salute him, and beckon him over to where she was seated. “It has taken a lot of work, as you all may know. From the very moment I met him, Nerome has had a lot of special attention from a lot of special women. From getting caught skipping out on his training by a Gray sister, to being sent to take etiquette classes by a Green sister…”


“It has been a special time, not only for myself, but for all those who came in contact with this fine young man.” Not all trainees that made it through to the next level were as well liked as Nerome. Rosheen was pleased to see that he was still sociable, while also gaining some seriousness when it came to his training. “So it is with great pride that I present to you Nerome Seshir, Tower Guard. Welcome home, brother.”


~Rosheen Tahn Sakhr

Tower Guard

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Lay of the Land she had said, so Lay of the Land it was. After precious moments to himself, he had returned to his room to find a note pinned to his door, which both him and his new roommate had examined with interest. His mind had dwelled on serious matters while he had contemplated in the Glade, but upon returning and reading Rosheen’s note, he was happy to kick off the grave new look-that he had heard, ladies were getting bored of. Not that it mattered to him, of course- and bring on his normal self. When he left the Yards, Nerome walked beside his roommate having remained in the crisp white shirt and red cloak he had been garbed in since midday. Soon though, the collection of people grew, and what had been two excited roommates, soon became a gathering of “’Rome! Congratulations, friend. I heard there was a party?”


They reached on time, filing in eagerly at an already popular location. He greeted people without any reservations, whether they were strangers he had met only once or twice or acquaintances who had become friends after large amounts of time training together. It felt good to be out on the scene again, after having spent the last few months focussing entirely on polishing himself enough to be Raised. Now that he was finally, exactly where he wanted to be, Nerome really did not see any justifiable reason for not getting off the high horse, and simply enjoying all the pleasures of a good old ever loved, party. Fondly he thought back to his drinking days with Saline and Dorian, and scanned the crowds for the Trainee he had sent scurrying to fetch his friends. They had better make it, or that would be one sorry Trainee first thing tomorrow morning. 


As soon as he made eye contact with his former Mentor, he saw her rise. All signs pointed to two options, either to run and dive under the nearest table, or wait and watch. He stuck to the latter and was pleased to find his decision turned out to be promising. Nerome laughed with all the others as she spoke, and when she beckoned, he dragged his roommate along with him. As she touched on the topics concerning Aes Sedai, he grinned. And then covertly snuck a glance to see if any of the mentioned Sisters were around. Old familiar faces were welcome, and this would be as good a chance as any for Nerome to make up for past deeds.


When Rosheen finished, he took a step up to address the people around them. “My Mentor-..err, former Mentor that is, still getting used to the new cloak- anyway, Rosheen forgot to mention one thing. Its been a special time for me! While being dragged and disciplined, goaded and guided? Guided, yes this place has really got a lot of meaning attached for me! So I hope that you’re all here to party the night out, and enjoy yourselves.” Then, turning to face Rosheen, he raised his own glass. “To a great Trainee life, and the only Mentor who could’ve saved me as many times as she did.”



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Sana was always up for a party.  Especially a party to honor another trainee becoming a Tower Guard.  Especially a trainee who had been under the tutelage of his own dear darlin' sister.  He made his way to the party and raised his glass with his sister's toast, and another with Nerome's.  He took long drinks each time, deciding tonight would be as good a time as any to relax and just enjoy the time out among his peers.  Looking over at Rosheen, he decided to make his way to her. 


He was feeling good tonight and smiled warmly at his sister.  It was hard to remember sometimes that they had been estranged for some years.  Others it was hard to remember they were blood, but those times were few and far between now.  He smiled at his sister and raised his mug to her.  "Drink up sister.  You deserve it after training that one." He said with a grin.


Ursana, the little brother 

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A bottle of her finest had certainly dispatched the little trainee this afternoon quite nicely. She wasn’t sure that the trainees were permitted to drink, in fact she had a sneaking suspicion that it could have been a bit of a judgment call whether it had been at all necessary to inflict the Andoran red, such good vintage, upon a trainee who had only delivered a message as he was told. However, the summons was good, what she had been anticipating for what felt like ages, and the messenger got rewarded because ‘Rome’s invitation had put her with generous spirits, literally.


She raised her glass in toast of ‘Rome’s former Mentor, although the Red had not known Rosheen personally, merely acquainted, and almost as coolly as the stem of the wineglass she cupped. The last time Saline (a Novice decades ago) had been in the same room with the formidable Gaidar had been when Rosheen was but a trainee learning Basic Etiquette with Eqwina’s little guy, Nevin. The trainee had not been afraid to flaunt her Mohawk toughness to Nevin then, and now Saline marveled. No matter how much they had all grown, there was a surprising strength that had been honed, and worn well despite many life’s numerous tribulations. Within the core of everybody who gathered, whose heads were riveted to ‘Rome and Rosheen there was a surge of admiration, of pride that somehow their successes would rub off on them as they drank.


She had not drunk of her glass though, not before sloshing its contents (fresh from the aging cellars, the ever wondrous peachy brandy, her favourite) and cried, “Long health and happy days to ‘Rome, our friend and drinking companion!” If it appeared odd that an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah, the lonely Ajah, had just cheered, toasted the latest Tower Guard, none commented on the oddity as she downed her peach brandy heartily.



Wanting a dance!


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