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  1. Light. Early morning, it had been nothing more than a gentle flicker, dancing across the dull and vivid alike so that they were granted newer, different dimensions for an onlooker such as she. Through shadow, it guided, amplifying its display only when necessary. The sun was not harsh, which was a rare, lucky thing. Her eyes for one, appreciated this. A normal day would’ve ensured that blue eyes were screwed tight, peering through lashes in an attempt to understand the note. Today however, they were able and deft, scanning the note well enough for her to know it after a second read. The items themselves, she had no comments on. Since it had been Melianna who had taken charge of Saline’s welfare, Mina had quietly proceeded to keep herself busy with the task. When they spoke, she smiled along yes, but her mind remained elsewhere. While she could admit that checking items off a list was not a task that required much intelligence, Mina found herself at ease only when she believed she had satisfied the Tower, the ever watching force that drove not just her, but all three of the Accepted who were present. It was not a very large list. She found herself done with the crosscheck within minutes. Breathing in, she made to look through once more, now not even glancing at her companions. Well, companion. Melianna, she did not know. Perhaps this was a perfect opportunity to change circumstances, or perhaps it was a perfect time to prove yet again, that she was just. . . good. The answer to that, the answer to any man’s priorities was one that could be found only by the man himself, and so, when Mina picked the latter, she did it with a smile. “We do be done,” she announced a short time later, turning only now to look at the other two. “You be better, Saline?” Mina surveyed her friend with concern that sounded odd in her mind, before considering Melianna. “Thank you for the help, Melianna. We would not be finished with the task, otherwise. I be going to tell Halvie Sedai, yes?” Nodding at the two, she left in quick steps. The sunlight had deepened, strengthened even, but it was not bad enough just yet to mark her skin with sweat and red cheeks like it usually did. Spotting the Green Sister, Mina moved towards her without a sound, practicing how to glide like a Sister just as much as she was refraining from disturbing the room in any way. Reeling back at the soft hiss, Mina’s eyes widened in fright at the lashing she had not seen coming. It was as Halvie Sedai began to move away that she composed herself, steadying her face back to the neutrality she was well known for. Dismay was still flooding her insides as she followed after. Halvie Sedai was right. The training of the Green Ajah would have probably had Mina struck and dumb, had she not been lucky. And it was none of her business to wonder about the fleeting fear she had caught in the Aes Sedai’s eyes. “You be better than this, Mina!” she found herself muttering in soft whispers, before glancing in fear at the Green. She had not heard Mina. She listened with as much focus as she could summon, not wanting to fail the Aes Sedai again. To do so, Mina remembered an old technique, pinning needles of sharp points onto her mind, so that everything other than what the Sister was informing her of, was lost. There was nothing she said that challenged Mina in anyway, not until the Sister addressed the subject Mina had wanted least-and yet most-to ask about. Resisting the urge to blink, Mina nodded as impassively as before. A friend. That was all. In a rare moment, she chose to let go of her paranoia, slipping instead into a mood both dutiful and cautious. Sooner than she had expected, they were making their return. The realization cheered her, making a soft smile appear on her lips. And that’s when it happened. Light, glorious light exploded out of nowhere blinding her vision as she felt herself fall, headfirst. Blood rushed to her mouth, coming out in swift torrents onto her tongue, while her head and jaw throbbed awkwardly against the path. Thoughts raced, pulsing madly as she tried to move, tried to focus. Something had exploded. Inside the wagon. Light, her head hurt. It was when the crackle of flames reached her ears that she forced herself up. Even as she did her vision blurred, and blood surged through her head, causing her to sway. She tried to look for Saline and Melianna, even the Sister, but the smoke enveloped her. For a moment she thought she saw a silhouette form, but trying to move was an impossible feat for her just then. Breathing in, she shut her eyes and then opened them, finding that her sight had steadied itself. Relief filled her as she found the Aes Sedai, but when Mina approached her this time, there was no grace. “Halvie Sedai… fire… I think there was a woman. What… what should I do?” ~Mina Daryl 989 to 865 words. Peace.
  2. OOC: Hi guys, sorry if I'm interuppting. James pointed me to this thread after he posted with Darienna, and I complained about how I wanted to join to. He suggested that I took up posting that loathsome NPC, Teresa. Hope you don't mind. :D Get your motor runnin' Head out on the highway Lookin' for adventure And whatever comes our way "Born to be Wild" - Steppenwolf Doors. People-better known as annoying twits who deserved swift execution on most days-often liked to say that when one door was sealed shut, another would crack open, displaying light and warmth in bountiful amounts. People-bloody annoying twits-liked to say that windows of opportunity were linked with forces of the omnipresent, so that one only had to look hard enough to find what they desired the most. People liked more than anything to say, "that you've just got to have some faith." Riiight. Hello, world, Miss Gullible will be taking appointments now. Please do bring along the awe-inspiring rainbows, butterflies and pink tutus- they have been missing of late in the Realist department. While we're ticking things off the check list, you may want to practice the happy joy dance- that's another rusty one we'll be tackling. Also have you.. Alright, so she was in a foul mood. Nothing new, nothing surprising, except perhaps the circumstances. She had expected that as evening grew onto her, Darienna Sedai's crisp words would've died down, rather than resonating in her mind. Even attempts at muting the Mistress of Novice to a buzz rendered her helpless, since now she found herself moving around with a dark scowl livening up her face, as noise worthy of competing with a bumble bee haunted every step she took. The day had ticked by sand grain after sand grain, slow enough to keep every second a vicious reminder of what was to come: doom. Doom doom doom. Even for Accepted Teresa, Aspirant of No ajah, things were looking quite dim. Yeah Darlin' go make it happen Take the world in a love embrace Fire all of your guns at once And explode into space Of course, she had been considering options since the moment Darienna had allowed them to leave the dining halls, mulling over what the right approach would be even as her mood plummeted into previously unexplored depths. However, the buzzing had given her little time to think, which meant that she found herself stuck, minutes before the appointed hour, before a small mirror that all Accepted were endowed with. Teresa pursed her lips and widened her eyes, squeezing them tightly so that tears were forced out. Too weak. Composing herself once more, she attempted this time to knit her dark brows together in tight anger and then finish it with gritted teeth. Hmm, looked like she was suffering a seizure. Giving up for a few seconds, she stared back at her real face. It was not a pretty one; her sister had always said that her nose was too sharp, that her lips were too full and her eyes bug-like, before she would proceed to admiring her neck, touching it enviously as if it summed up all of Teresa's worth. Yes indeed, swanlike necks had been quite fashionable at the time. She had nice hair too, glossy brown that had taken years of devotion. Stroking it distractedly, she gazed sorrowfully at herself. Her wrongs were not that spectacular, really. A little bit of lying, a little more manipulating- if Novices of this generation were ridiculously gullible, Darienna was hardly being fair by pinning the blame on her as well. Why, she'd only been the instrument who had been used as they wished. The real disaster was something much greater, much darker. Novices. Bloody annoying twits. I like smoke and lightning Heavy metal thunder Racin' with the wind And the feelin' that I'm under Minutes later, plain faced, suspiciously pale, she was being ushered in with the rest. She had considered at the last moment-frantic panic, much?-to run for it, skyrocket her way out of Darienna's sight as quickly as possible and just keep running, but one look at the Mistress of Novices told her no such luck would be coming her way. The all too familiar room greeted her vision as she seated herself, drumming her fingers on the table as she tried not to study the various items that decorated the room. It was only when Darienna started to speak that she decided to look up. She listened, connecting the bottles to the Aes Sedai's words quickly enough. Bloody irony, that's what it was. Rising from her chair, spots of pink coloured Teresa's cheeks as she spoke, pitching her voice unnaturally high. "Darienna Sedai, too much alcohol gets me rashes." Like a true nature's child We were born, born to be wild We can climb so high I never wanna die ~Accepted Teresa, NPC
  3. Her lips twitched into a slight smile as she rose. Vincent was quick at smoothening his expressions and thoughts into polite interest, or wide smirks not so different from her own, but the hesitant seconds that passed between his agreeing to her voluntary tour of the city and rising from the seat had been amusing to watch. Clearly, he had manners that had been ingrained and endured so long that they were now all habits that made him who he was, but he'd been observant enough to wonder about what her response to an offered hand might have been and had chosen to play it safe. Which was absolutely fine with her, perhaps even a little pleasing to realize that strangers did consider her just a 'little' different to the world's stereotypes. Grinning more widely when he asked her to take the lead, she wondered about where she could take him. They had only just left an inn, which endowed visiting yet another inn very little value indeed. There were shops aplenty in Tar Valon, but the idea of browsing the vast displays was not an ideal one. When she had considered herself brand spanking new to the city, discovering it had been an interesting challenge that had held many experiences. Most had been pleasant, memorable even but there were a few she'd like to leave safely closeted in the back of her mind. "Hmm, let's see if I can surprise you a little. Especially considering you don't look like one who is surprised all that often." Vincent had said that he was from the city of Caemlyn, and if history lessons with the Master back in Saldaea were to hold true, grandeur and plomp were not among the things that would fascinate him. Tirzah admittedly, had been very taken with the magnificence of Tar Valon, but in time, she'd found some places that she'd marked as favourites- sites that she could resort to when required. "Are you one for long walks? It's only morning after all so we've got time. This way!" She lead him through the wide paths, that would turn oddly narrow due to a swift turn to the left or perhaps seemingly impromptu backtracking. Tirzah was surprised to see that he asked no questions of their destination, and so, kept her silence on the location as well. When they finally did arrive, she turned towards him. "We're here." Hiding a smile as she noted his expression at the dull grey wall, she took him by the arm and lead him in. Bright light flooded the room they entered, but as they always had, Tirzah's eyes drew where the loud ringing of metal drew them. A middle aged man-or as he liked to title himself, a man in his prime years, was the answer behind the clash of metal against metal. Forge, when he had still been in Tar Valon had taken her to meet him, informing her that once he was gone, Master Jinn would be the best person to meet, should she require any advice or assistance. The man, with his bright blue eyes and toughened skin had a sharp, perceptive look to him that had appealed to her immediately, so that visits had become as regular as her duties allowed them to be. "No better place outside the Tower, for weapons and more importantly, good counsel. He won't ever admit it, but he does all he can to help when you are in need, and while this might just look like a forge and armoury, there is more to it, just like there is more to him." In truth, Master Jinn served as a pair of eyes and ears to an Ajah in the Tower but Vincent didn't need to know that unless Jinn decided to tell him so himself, some day in the future. She doubted she would've been told anyway, had it not been that she had come close to guessing after learning more about his past. "This is one of my favourite places, outside those in the Tower." Smiling, she moved towards Jinn. "This is the back entrance," came a thick Shienaran accent. "Turn and go- Tirzah! You're here early. And it seems you brought a friend. Good Day." Smiling at Jinn as he limped forward, Tirzah watched Vincent closely to see if he'd react to the crippled leg. When nothing came, she turned back towards Jinn. "This man here asked me to show him the city, so I brought him to you." Grinning at Vincent, she took a step forward. "Vincent, this is Master Jinn, Master Jinn, this is Vince. Ent. Vince has a nice ring to it though. He wishes to be a Trainee, like me." "Indeed, like you," came a dry rejoinder, but to Tirzah's relief Jinn chose to turn his attention on Vincent instead, greeting him in a manner something between gruff and cheerful. It was an odd combination certainly, and one that had amused Tirzah when she had first met the man. He often reminded her of a porcupine, but those were thoughts best kept to herself. "I won't ask you what brings you here or any of that since this one probably prodded you with those already, Vincent, so I shall simply say, welcome." OOC: I left it open to you to do as you like. Since you're online, we can figure it out there. :d
  4. So, once upon a time, there was this delight called stamina. There was also this other wonder known as the lack of stamina, which the young Novice turned Trainee had found herself acquainted with all too well. It was disappointing in some ways, like when afternoons from the days before had been filled with sun-reddened cheeks and sweat that had stung her eyes and skin, making her fumble around uncomfortably on Gale. Once or twice, it had even unfolded as series of protests that came out in loud snorts and whinnies, but that was around the time old riding lessons with Rakim intervened and settled things down. Today, three days since they'd left the Tower, Tirzah could even say that things were riding along smoothly. It had given her a chance to think too. Yes, this was the escape that she had been seeking during those weeks of wallowing in self pity, but more than that, Mac had presented her with an opportunity to be simply Tirzah. Not a Trainee, not a Novice, but the open minded, Saldaean whose unrestrained temper would probably be the death of her. Admittedly, Tirzah who was about to go into the wild and stretch the few skills she had by shaping them into sufficient shelter. Mac had spent the past few days teaching her the necessary theory for it, so now that they were finally approaching regions that held all the necessary ingredients to be classified as a forest, Tirzah's sense of excitement was stirring. She knew what was coming the moment he turned, slowing down slightly as he began to speak. Nodding as she listened, her eyes wandered over the sketchy paths that were present. They were not so much roads that had been marked out as layers of thick grass that had been wearied down and pressed repeatedly, most likely by travellers not so different from herself. Okay, so maybe a little different- she liked to believe she was fairly unique as a person. Either way, she could follow one and see how deeply it roamed, and make judgement accordingly. Mac had been quite clear on the time limit, but she was determined to impress him by returning back within the hour. Nodding once more, she didn't even bother to depart with any dry comments, since her focus had now bound itself to completing the task. She chose to follow a route between two others, since Tirzah reckoned that paving off right at the start could easily get her back where she started, while going to the third could spin her through webs too intricate for her to weave out of. The path was also a lot more worn down than the others, which could mean that it was also heading to a way out of the green maze. Either way, the popular route would hold some advantages, but she was more concerned about whether it would also attract unwanted attention. After some time spent marking and following the path, she decided to take a cut to the right, where the shade of trees thickened and rolling mounds of grass seemed more lush. What she wanted was a tree. Not just any tree, especially considering Mac's fantastically large size. It had entered her thoughts since the first time he'd talked to her about survival and it was as clear an image now as it had been then. Perhaps even a little sharper, because of being surrounded by an environment that suited the picture in her mind so perfecty. As she headed deeper into the realm, a few caught her eye that were tempting, but not big enough for her Mentor. It gave her hope though, because it indicated that there would be more fashioned so. Her eyes scanned the trees before her thoroughly, flitting from one to the next as quickly as possible. Time was the challenge here, not the shelter itself. Forty five minutes had ticked away by the time she'd returned to Mac. "I've found us a place. It isn't very deeply set into the forest, but I think it should work." Making her way back a second time was easier than it had been to find the trail to where she'd originally started, since she had cut across trees as a way to mark her route. When they reached, she looked towards the site before her one more time to spot any flaws she might not have noticed. Obviously Mac would have his own thoughts and ideas to add, but the idea itself was simple and one that had worked for her before. Uprooted trees were not uncommon in forests. Forest fires or even storms could've easily been the reasoning behind the one they stood examining now- the tree had split into two different halves, leaving a hollow space that could be filled to create a canopy of debris and fallen leaves. Indeed, dead branches that hung limply from the fallen tree would be the perfect lead to add more leaves to, which would make it easier to hide themselves. What had specifically made her choose this very tree was the way it ran off into the thick grass behind, flowing smoothly enough to make escape possible. "If we lean some sturdy wood against the tree, we can have our basic support up quickly enough. I thought we could use this as we can work to make it look like an extended piece of the destroyed tree. I think we might get some trouble from animals since it is a bit low, so we'd need to make the roof quite think. Which could keep in heat in too, maybe? Ooh and! If there's rain, let's uh, you know, structure the roof so that it slides off the wood. Or something? Yes? No?" Shrugging, she looked towards Mac. If this didn't work, she could always resort to climbing up the unnaturally large tree she'd seen before and hacking shelter into it. Either way, it was his call. ~Tirzah
  5. Slender fingers pressured her skin slightly, stealing her expression of firm solidity and transforming it into something quite...different. Had it been another face, or perhaps, Timmons in one of his horror-struck reflex actions, she would've sniffed at such a display and removed her hand from the odd touch in as impassive a way as sniffing allowed. The tricky part of the matter lay in the fact that she knew no answer to this puzzle, no means by which to respond to the clear impulse without looking strange. Simply put, she was baffled. This woman was not reprimanding. She was not even shifting uncomfortably at such intimacy! Mina was no face-reader, but surely those eyes were sincere? "When do we leave?" She was asking perhaps, sillier questions than sensibility allowed, but there was the matter of surprise to consider about the whole scene that had unfolded. Bizarre? "No, there do no be any such thing. Only truth," she muttered. Looking up, she studied Saline's face as she spoke, noting with some interest how her hands would move to and fro as if shaping her words. They would be going to an inn, tomorrow...at Dawn? Mina Daryl closed her eyes for a brief moment as she shuddered internally at the thought of facing the morning sun- she had seen too much of it lately, by the orders of one Vera Sedai. "Let me be saying this back to you- We shall leave for the Golden Crow, but first, we be meeting at the stables? I've not ridden a horse in months," said the crest-fallen Accepted. She had no desire to have her limited skill with a horse displayed to all the Tower and then, the city as well, but maybe she would go after Saline left her, to attempt to climb it without the aid of the stablehand. When she looked in askance at Saline, she blinked at the unforeseen paleness the Taraboner's skin had adopted. Only when the other shook her head a little violently, did Mina let herself feel relief and also smile a little at Saline's blanching. "Indeed, it be essential that all facts I know be true. Otherwise, there be a Mina collapse." ~**~ The next morning her restless feet carried her to the sound of hammers clanging in the nearby forge. But she had gone into stables instead, greeting Mina with a per-functionary wave. She did not suppose the other had noticed it, and tried to care through the fogginess. At her side trotted a mule looking somewhat less morose than she did. Dawn ill-suited Saline, and their beast of burden it seemed. The rope suffered much slack as their newly acquired sidekick attended them. Her pace quickened into a jog to catch up with Mina, though her mind was much ensconced in bed. She strayed too close to a bramble, but it was not until its sharp edge tore a rent in her leggings, that Saline finally roused with a sharp cry, more surprise than pain. The sudden cry, unexpected, unwanted- a disturbance in the calm of Tar Valon, if one could truly perceive such a city as calm. She turned instantly, looking instantly at her companion's face as she stepped closer. Rather than giving into worry as was expected of one friend for another, she studied Saline closely. "What be wrong?" Her eyes strayed from Saline to a thicket of brambles that she had only just avoided a few seconds ago, and then back to the fellow Accepted again. She moved forward to inspect it, but only after a nod from the other. The sliver of skin was sore, with a streak of red colouring it unnaturally. "It be wanting some damp cloth. It no be deep. I can attend to it in the inn, if you be well enough to wait that long?" Foolishly she nodded, examining the damage. Several cuts, the largest of which ragged flesh bared itself proudly. It was clean but bleeding freely, and neither of them learnt enough healing that they could repair it. Besides, a healing would leave her weak and hardly fit for work. They needed tight bandaging to staunch the blood, and any inflammation, although there was no darkening of the skin around the cuts, a good sign. She winced at the idea of summoning help. For all her talk of a Mina collapse the white aspirant proved tougher than her words and appearance had led Saline to believe. Soothing words were more than enough balm for the gaping flesh that exposed itself, which she brushed off. “Thank you,” Saline beamed, “but I can still walk. Go on, I’ll take care of the mule.” She leaned nonchalantly on the mule until the other, with a last glance over the shoulder, disappeared around the alley. Mina’s concern overrode the final shreds of reservations she harboured and despite her game leg Saline’s spirit rose. Ever so slowly they plodded onward, and she let the mule lead her as her vision misted. Saline lifted her head to coloured swirls in the distance, limping toward ‘the Golden Crow’. Saline & Mina
  6. Temptation. Again. She had succumbed so easily as it had drawn her in, kept her steady and afloat for a few promising seconds, and then twisted path so that the little window of opportunity was diminished and more rapidly than desired, lost. There had been hints of a future present, at least in Tirzah's mind, as she had surveyed the majestic air that the Green had swathed herself in. This grandiose had not only swayed Tirzah's opinion of Aes Sedai by making it teeter towards much more positive lines than usual, it had stirred an unsettling dream that had awoken within her when she had first surveyed the halls of the Green Ajah. Then too, she had gone with the sole aim of recovering some food actually worth eating, only to find herself the startled customer to much curiousity and passion driven questions to a patient Green Sister. However, there were some differences in this second moment of uncertainty. Halvie Sedai, if Tirzah was to be crude-which was precisely what she wished to be at present, because pettily enough, she could-had plumbed the glimmer of hope right out of Tirzah's system, proceeded to walk around on it enough to successfully trample it and then, as a finishing touch, the Aes Sedai had deigned it important to grace Tirzah with a little snippet of what she thought of Tirzah's gender bending. Charming. And in other ways, disappointingly predictable. Too many Aes Sedai in this Tower had taken the bait at face value and attempted to tear her apart for it. Too many women, albeit after decades of training, thought it natural to assume. Suddenly, the splendor she herself had assumed into Halvie Sedai's persona seemed tainted. The well of hope that had burst into motion, dry. It angered her. Her not so dormant temper sparked into life within seconds of the woman's exit, as it was bound to. Pausing to scan the empty field Halvie had flung at her, Tirzah smiled. Twenty laps of that weren't impossible, but if she did them now, finding Halvie Sedai would become an impossible task. Which of course, was probably why she had been assigned one in the first place. She would not have minded taking the punishment; Tirzah was quite fond of running. That would came later though, perhaps even much later, depending on what the consequences of following Halvie Sedai would be. Maybe the situation wasn't so unfortunate after all- she was still going to face the thrill of a challenge. As she turned past the corner, she took a moment to correct her previous hunch. A Trainee had come into sight, whose eyes had lit up and then hardened just a little as they fell on her. Not very different to scanning for prey, if that is, you could look at Tirzah and sincerely imagine her to fall under such a category. "Hello. Goodbye." She made to move past him and thus, was not the least bit surprised when he shook his head and took a step forward. They were closer than before now, so she could see his eyes. Not weak. Not weak at all. The Trainee was probably one who had spent several more weeks in the yards than Tirzah. If one was to go by the slick sheen of sweat that his face shone with, he was a committed Trainee, which made him a difficult opponent. Letting her eyes widen with wonder as she let them flicker from the boy's grey ones to the tightly packed muscle beneath his uniform, she gave into a deep blush. Stepping back, she faltered as she looked at him again, the young, dedicated lad who had given his life to the Tower. He hesitated a step forward, reaching out with a hand to steady her. Not giving away the most fleeting emotion, she kicked. There was a soft thump. "Goodbye. We can spar another time so that you can make up for this. Let me be today." He did not follow her, but that did not change the lead Halvie Sedai had. There had been several minutes that had passed between the time that she had 'dismissed' Tirzah and her tripping of the unknown Trainee, but if she sprinted, she would be able to pick up some vague trail. The path was not a difficult one to find. She had distanced herself from the throngs of people who filled the streets, so that she might have a better view of them, which made things much easier. There was a definite pattern in the spheres of disturbance amongst the crowds, as if someone had forced them apart. Stepping forward, she slipped through quietly, keeping focus on remaining unnoticed. It was only when a familiar swish of dark brown occurred before her, that she looked up. Green eyes stared into hers. The game had begun. ~Tirzah Behen Challenged. ;) In more ways than one. ;)
  7. Ominous. Steely. Firm. The richly enunciated words, simple as they were rang sharply through the shaded grounds, speaking of familiarity with great power and authority all at once. Still, what drew her interest was the softness of the voice itself. Velvety? No. Then again, it was alarming how a soft voice could keep itself within the defined lines, while managing to ring clearly in her ears. She blinked at the Green Sister, controlling her instinct to draw back by only seconds. Instead, she drew her shoulders out as habit had often made her do and tilted her head to the side as she acknowledged Halvie Sedai's brief 'greeting'. The bizarre sense of expectancy in the air prickled her ears, making her blink once more. A second later however, the penny fell and with it, Tirzah too, in the form of a deep bow. She would not curtsey, not even to such a woman. Besides, Arette Sedai had wished for her to proceed as she would've before her admittance into the White Tower. "Tirzah, Halvie Sedai. Tirzah Behen." For once, she found herself dwelling in deep ponder. What would the Aes Sedai think, what would she pick up on now that Tirzah had named her so? Would it be, perhaps with some amusement, the acknowledgment of her ever so notorious profile in the Novice quarters? Doubtful. Would the last minute slip of her surname give Halvie Sedai pause to think and remember her twin, the intelligent, persevering Lucrecia? It made for wondrous contemplation, no? For a moment she wished for the company of Cia in large surges beyond what she normally allowed herself to give into. Her sister would've known what to do, before a woman such as this. It was not that Tirzah was afraid of Halvie...it was more that in Halvie Sedai, the Tower had presented her a challenge. Challenges. What could she say about challenges? Bah, she could never resist them. It had been the driving force of a possible 'challenge' that had pushed her forward after all, past the dusty dryness of the yard to the crisscrossing lines of shade provided by Wonder of Nature the first. The difficulty with the Aes Sedai before her was that Tirzah had come seeking a venting match, in the form of an authoritative, all too superior Sister and was instead finding herself bowing low and responding politely. The only way she could reason with her behaviour was that today, simply wasn't hers. When she heard Halvie Sedai's next question though, the dark clouds gathering above rolled away, and Tirzah found herself grinning. There were several good reasons after all, why people often liked to call her a little crazy. "Well, that's a bit complicated, Aes Sedai. I would normally be making futile attempts to run around and practice forms while the sun transformed all that was freshly bathed into sweat. My Mentor has had to go to the city for some work, so I'm a sitting duck. I decided to study others training." Namely, Halvie herself. As far as Tirzah was concerned however, that latter bit was an unnecessary addition. For now. ~Tirzah Behen Bizarre
  8. There were too many people who resided in the Trainee barracks, who had recently sniffed at her in an all too hypocritical manner and informed her that her chosen verbiage was 'crude'. And she said hypocritical because she believed she'd judged them well enough to tell just the extent of their vocabulary, thank you very much Mr. and Mrs. Prim. Admittedly, there was a point-alright, most points-in Tirzah's life that would have had this little tidbit of information passed from one ear to the other and out, but they'd caught her on a bad day. See, training was being a bit of a bother. It wasn't so easy anymore, not half as easy as she'd imagined it to be, even though Mac was explaining and demonstrating as well as any teacher might. It certainly wasn't his fault that she was abnormally lacking in hand and leg coordination at certain hours of the day. For those who were more than just curious, certain hours are more popularly known as "afternoon", in this part of the world. Yes, afternoon. Afternoon, with the sun blazing through the sky, glinting marvellously in rich, auriferous hues that shone through the cloud and tree, sparkling here and there. How she despised it. The sweat that it ultimately brought around, stinging her eyes and back as it dripped off her uniform. The sudden weakness she had while sparring against another Trainee, due to being forced to face the sun. The odd fainting episode of a friend, with the cause being named as some Yellow Sister as "too much sun." The sun served them just fine when it was kept at bay, in the mornings that were dotted with grey clouds, so what pray, was the need for it to gloat so? Mac had noticed her irritation too, of course. Her rapid slackening in focus and mood were clear signs of her dislike of the afternoon, and in some ways, finding that Mac had headed to the city for some work only aggravated her. She would've liked to try and tackle said despised afternoon once more, but no mentor meant no progress, which meant that she was left with nothing to do. Why, Tirzah would even have pronounced herself as 'Bored and ...Bored', had it not been for the fact that the words would seem 'too crude', for some. Besides, it was not like any of the other Trainees were free. Most were in the same area as she, specks of black and white that grew more or less detailed according to their distance to her. They were not interesting. They were not even Alwyn or Ashley, so any chance to join some training with them was scrapped too. "Back to admiring the ever so fresh scenery then," she muttered aloud with all the contempt she was experiencing. Her eyes drifted across the grounds as they had done so often before, pausing from time to time as something caught her eye. Usually, this was a familiar face, or a spar that made her frown as she tried to predict the victor. At times, there were also women she studied who stood out a little beside the rest, perhaps because their backs seemed straighter than those of their trainers, or because of the manner they moved with. Aes Sedai. There was one who was not so far off from where she stood. She had caught her interest early in the 'game', but had only just arrived which made her, even with the brilliant red mane of hair and tall, imposing figure, not so fascinating to look at. She was certainly an Aes Sedai and if she guessed rightly, the very woman a fellow Novice had sat complaining about all through lunch one day, some time back. The Novice was a dreary thing to be around, but her tale had been intriguing. It concerned a chore, a terrified Novice and the notorious Halvie Sedai. As expected, the ending of said tale had not been a pretty one. Somewhat secretly, Tirzah had hoped to meet her, even back then. First, because damn, the Tower didn't seem to have many of the likes of Halvie Sedai. Secondly, because she was Green Ajah. Now that Tirzah's eyes were drawn back to her, several minutes later, it was clear that training for the Sister had well and truly begun. It was not surprising that she found herself unable to look away. Clearly, this was a woman with years of training woven into her mind and body. It was apparent in her solid, confident steps as she moved around, yes, even in the calm with which she proceeded through forms. It was present in the steady, determined focus that she exuded. Most of all though, you could tell by the dream-like state she was enveloped in- tangled in her own world as thought, speech, the real world, faded into nothingness. It was winning Tirzah's respect, very quickly. Temptation was a tricky thing. Once you gave in, there were few doors that led you out. Still, she found herself edging closer to the Aes Sedai, so that the distance that had previously been there was fading. If Halvie Sedai noticed her now, she had Tirzah's respect and a little more. Besides, she'd always said she'd wanted to meet her. ~Tirzah Behen Inquisitive
  9. Vincent could talk, and she liked that. The conversation flowed easily between the two of them and without she noted, any discomfort on his side, which was usually not the case. In some ways it made her more interested in their conversation, making her give more to it than she might've otherwise. The other benefit of having met a stranger who she could get onto good terms with without any difficulty was that the talk itself was not one-dimensional, and instead chose to drift from subject to subject, working in almost a ripple as their words descended into the next. For instance, they could jest. She grinned wickedly as he pointed out what she could've done, but returned his winks and laughter with a quick response. "If I'd killed an initiate and taken her gear, I wouldn't be sitting next to a man who considers himself to be a future Trainee and telling him all about myself. For one, that would mean if people were looking for me in the Yard, you'd have a fair share of answers to supply them with. For two, that'd just generally be a bad, bad move." Winking and then joining in on his laughter, she stopped herself from saying more as she could tell there was more to come on his part. Her laughter faded quickly, thinning into a simple smile as she considered his tale. It was odd in her opinion that she would find herself empathising with a boy who she deemed reasonably different to her, but there it was. Then again, it was a simple matter of considering the facts carefully. She too had not been accepted easily at first. Dressing as a boy, turning up everyday at training where others chose to snicker until they learned better... somehow, she had not minded it. Perhaps that was where she drew her strength from, being able to focus on one thing, and one thing alone. Still, she knew what it was like. While Lucrecia had had lessons with her mother on the art of knitting, she would be throwing herself around in the dust, racing with the local boys as she made up her mind to beat them. Respect and camaraderie had come along with difficulty, but the fact was that they had in fact, appeared. She would've given him her opinion on the Tower and his dream had he wanted, but Tirzah had noted how quickly he had turned the tables so that the arrow pointed at her and suddenly, it was her time to give a little. She didn't mind, honestly. Friendships were based on a little knowledge, after all. Gulping down a few sips, she swallowed before speaking. "I can see why you were drawn to them, to this place and its legends. I was too. My life changed when I was fourteen. You see, when a stranger comes to you in the borderlands, with saddened eyes that say more than any greeting, you know what to expect- Loss. My father, a general in the army, was lost to a raid. It was in simple words, devastating." "We grew to climb over the fall though. We had to- we are Saldaean. Everyone in my family chose to accept change differently and the same goes for me. I cut my hair, so that it's so short to this day that many mistake me for a young boy. My garb, my way of life, my interests, all changed. And I loved it. Then of course, I wanted more." "It was my twin who grew restless first. She'd been studying see, learning new and different things from my mother while I took my father's place. She proposed that we go to the Tower and try our luck and I accepted. After all, my life is defined by hers. I cannot stand imagining life without her, so where she goes, I will too." "We both took the Novice test. She, for a dream and I, as a person bearing humour to jest." Smiling down at her glass, she watched the little bubbles of froth that were trickling down. "That's a lot of talking I've done- you've downed your glass and my drink is nearly-" Pausing, she took hold of her drink and tilted it, tasting it for a few seconds before letting it slide down. "Done." Grinning, she looked towards the door. "Shall we leave, do you think? You can see a bit of Tar Valon on your way and then I will lead you to the Yards." ~Tirzah
  10. "Yessir! Right away sir! Fifteen minutes sir, nothing more, nothing less!" A swift salute, that made her shoulders straighter than before and her back arch a little in an attempt to look a little more like the miniature soldier that she aspired to be. Her eyes had become twin pools of shining light, glimmering as they registered the wondrous truth. Her lips had spread into a wide smile, stretching so wide that it would eventually hurt. Okay, maybe that was taking it a bit far with the happy joy dance stuff. Shifting her expression back to something more normal-and something way more realistic, too-she grinned widely before setting right back from where she'd come from. Tirzah looked around as she began to run, speeding into a sprint quickly enough. She wasn't one for flaunting good fortune when it was in her grasp-although she'd be more than happy to tell you all about the misfortunes -but if any Trainee thought him or herself idle enough to poke fun at her, she'd give them a taste of what she had only recently titled as, "I'm going on a trip and you aren't! Now go eat dust!" She was elated though, there was no doubt in that truth. And now that she was done succumbing to all that was wonderful, it was time to follow her mentor's instructions. He'd said to make it quick, so she would. And if that meant waking up Lashley with befuddling cheeriness and demands to help her back, so be it. Besides, if he still wasn't out, he'd be in deep trouble as is. "Pffft, what kind of Mentor do you have, anyway? Wake up, sleepy head! Yes, now! And no, I'm not interested in hearing about any Nerome Gaidin, thank you. Help me pack!" Even as she talked, she was moving around. It was like a little check list had been established in her mind, by the manner with which she went around the small room, picking up things here and there and dumping them by Tinker-face, who still looked like he could do with being doused in a pond or two. "Keep this. Yes, that too. Oh, let's bring you along, you look comfortable! Wait, this is about survival. Hmmm. Scratch all that Asha Dasha, I've got to go thread-bare like!" A few more rounds of that, and they were done. Managing the details with her horse were easier. At first the same surge of joy that she'd initially felt took her- she'd not been able to tend to Gale since first coming to the Tower but the shining coat and toughened body gave indication that he was being taken care of. Most of what she wished to carry was put into the saddlebags, but considering that that wasn't much anyway, Gale would do fine. Precisely ten minutes later, she was back by Mac's side, a little out of breath because all of the unnecessary running-and whooping-she had talked herself into. "Ready to uh, be ordered around again, sir!" ~Tirzah
  11. When you become a Gaidin, there are certain privileges that you are donned with. For one, the cloak. The marvellous ripple effect that it had, with its ability to shift colour to match the landscape was something that -which he had no doubt had amused his Aes Sedai greatly- had fascinated Nerome for lengths at a time when he first garbed himself within it. The second, far more important boon it had endowed him with was the little ball of emotions caught adrift inside his head, changing and flickering at their own accord. Rossa. When they had first Bonded, he had expected that it would take some getting used to. Somehow though, being able to sense where and how his Aes Sedai was fit remarkably well into the rest of his day. It made him secure, stable. Admittedly, it killed off the chance to 'surprise' one another when he had the desire to do so, but he'd rather have her safe. Besides, being able to tell that Rossa Sedai had been occupied all day, bubbling with an unusual amount of energy and warmth, more than intrigued him. It had made training go awry more than once, so that halfway through a sword form he simply stopped and tugged at the little ball demandingly. For those who require subtitles, it went something like this: What're you upto, Rossa? He'd questioned her often, by asking it in his thoughts and emotions several times, but each time was responded to with only a heightened sense of amusement on Rossa's part, so the embarassed Warder decided that he'd take his Aes Sedai's advice, and wait. Thus, when a soft knock announced the entry of another to his quarters, Nerome was more than glad to answer. He restrained himself from calling out his Bondholder's name, seeing as the bond indicated quite clearly that she was still in the Tower, most likely in her rooms, but the wide-eyed Accepted who'd come calling could not help but be slightly alarmed by the generous smile and sparkle that had taken over Nerome Gaidin. Indeed, so great was his pleasure that he did not even observe Mina Darryl to be who she was, simply taking the letter from her with a swift hand and then proceeding to thank her with loud gestures and quick exclamations. In his merriment, he even considered hugging the not-so young Accepted, refraining himself only because the woman was giving signs of suffering from large amounts of shock. Dismissing her as quickly as he had welcomed her, Nerome relieved the letter of its envelope with care. The familiar cursive, slanting towards the left with all the elegance that trademarked it as Rossa Venye's came into view soon, making the Warder grin widely as he read the invitation. Dinner then? She had even graced him with a time to arrive at, which made him wonder if all the 'busy' had been beside this little affair. It would be nice if it had- he liked feeling loved and special now and then. Realizing that the appointed hour was not very far away, he put down her letter on his table. "Just give me a moment to look the part Aes Sedai, and I'll be there." Nerome Seshir Warder to Rossa Sedai, of the Blue Ajah.
  12. If there was one advantage of having been a Novice for the past month, it was that the early hours that was part of the Trainee package, was something that she was already used to. She got out of her bed-which in her opinion, was far more comfortable than her other one-to find that Alwyn's was already empty, while Ashley was still curled up in his. If Tirzah had to take a wild guess, her second roomie was probably dreaming of serenading some Aes Sedai or the other and had successfully climbed up the vines and past the garden wall. For a moment or two she was tempted to wake up with a nice 'sprinkling' of water, but she decided against it. After all, yesterday's events had unfolded so that neither of them could look the other in the eye without also remembering the rest, so Tirzah decided with some spirit that if the lad wanted some shut-eye, he could indulge. Until his Mentor came looking, that is. Stepping out, she felt the weight of the weather immediately. The sun was already out, and from the looks of it, was ready to cook up quite the swelter. While that wasn't going to be a lot of fun by the time afternoon came, Tirzah had no complaints. This was what she'd wanted and now that she had it, for however short a period of time, she would enjoy it. Greeting the same well-fed character who'd led her to Lash-flapper the day before, she grinned wickedly as she noticed how quickly he took to looking busy. You do that, you do your runs. Arriving at the spot she had last stumbled off from, complaining about Alwyn, Tirzah was a bit disappointed when she found no giant to greet. There was enough to keep her distracted though. People to watch, places to remember. All that was left to do was wait. ~Tirzah
  13. "Just when I was going to ask you the usual whys and hows, Vincent. It seems you're a step ahead of me. I wonder if you'll be like that while training?" Her response was a spontaneous one, like they often were, but she had listened to what he had to say with a neutral expression and careful thinking. Nodding in thanks as the serving girl placed a drink before her, she took a few sips as she reflected over what he had revealed about himself, so easily. From the sounds of it, he had given back the bullies enough to let them taste the dust. And judging by the bitter expression and then, the sudden, swift smile that had bloomed, Vincent hadn't been exaggerating either. She liked that in people, admired it even. It was always easy to shape things in a fashion that would bring out the desired outcome, and unless Vincent was attempting to charm her within the two minutes that they had met, her new acquaintance wasn't one of them. Which was a good thing- if he did bond someday in the future, she had no doubt in her mind that the Aes Sedai would be bursting with the need to let out some of her 'restrained emotion'. Why, a few months in the Novice Quarters had shown her that the place was rife with future actresses. "Don't worry about getting enrolled. I think you have what it takes and besides, I could tell that you've trained before. And no, it wasn't the sword that gave it away. As for stories..." Oh, she could tell him plenty. Whether he was referring to her time in the Tower, or well before that, in the Borderlands, there were several to choose from. "I think it'd be easier if I told you a little about myself first. I'm Saldaean, and came here with complete assurance that my twin, another Saldaean, would be accepted into the White Tower and I would join the yard as her future Warder to be." "Sadly, the Creator hates me and the Aes Sedai dislike me nearly as much except for a special few, so I ended up getting stuck as a Novice instead. I'll tell you why I'm a Trainee at another time, and in case you were wondering about whether or not to trust me. The black and white uniform I'm wearing marks me as one. You can ask the serving girl who's been eyeing you for the past few minutes to confirm this if you like." Smirking, she waved casually at the serving girl before turning back to Vincent. "So, that's my little tale. What brings you here though, Vincent? Why the dream to become a Warder?"
  14. The hackles rose easy with this one. She observed him with a merry face, grinning so that his initial suspicion relaxed into casual acceptance. Laughing when she heard about the lady who had come 'offering', she was about to declare very bluntly that she'd no intention to do anything of the sort, but he got to speaking the next few words before her. She noticed with interest that his accent grew a bit thicker as he introduced himself, as if all that there was to him and his past could be summed up and fitted to his name. Considering the way she tended to say her one, with what Cia believed was "just the right touch of arrogance," Tirzah decided that she didn't have the right to be amused and thus, no such feeling showed on her face. "Tirzah, just Tirzah. You might want to call me other names while you train with me, I'm known to get pretty competitive. It'll be interesting if we get the same Mentors too." Flashing her teeth in a pearly smile at Vincent's look, she nodded. "That's right, I'm currently training with the Warders. To sour what seems like a fantastic life, I'll now add that I'm actually a student from the White Tower." Curling her lips as if she'd just tasted sour grapes, she continued. "I think a simple way to put it would be...that it's complicated." "At any rate, you should be all thankful and indebted right about now and beg me to lead you to the wonder that is the Warders' Yard. Shall we leave, or will you be buying yourself-and uh, me in that case-another drink?" ~Tirzah
  15. Someday you will find me Caught beneath the landslide In a champagne supernova in the sky Turnings Time was ticking by rapidly. She had not paid heed to it, nor to the way it had speedily taken charge on her body and mind. On later days of reflection, Tirzah decided that perhaps this was not so uncommon; the concept of day and night often became irrelevant when you were having fun. And of course, time held an influence on people far greater than the small pleasures of infatuation, or the bitterness that comes with loss. It was only as her time drew to her close that she recognised the change that had bloomed in each and every person she knew well, or deemed close enough to care about. At first it stunned her, making her seem aloof at the oddest of times. One friend even asked her if she was feeling a tad, 'touched'. Suffice to say, it was around that time that Tirzah decided that to welcome the change, she would have to take some measures. The first: her time with Forge. Admittedly it had been the influence of an Aes Sedai that had led Forge back to his little sister, but the actual call had been her own- a hurried letter that bubbled of the outrage she was subject to, as well as the rebellion she was more than ready to prolong. Ziya Sedai had been no fool when she'd spotted opportunity, and it was due to her deft thinking that Tirzah spent several weeks at a time in the Forge, learning both through her mistakes and one patient Ogier's guiding words. He introduced her to his dearest loves, the anvil and the chisel, allowing her to try new things for herself and while doing so, get a little stung in the process so that she would remember things better the next time. The roaring hearth, the ringing of a hammer as it struck the anvil, even the hiss with which steam soared upwards as the metals were left to cool...the mélange fixed itself into her life, forming a layer rife with potential and activity. As she grew more accustomed to Forge's teachings, her understanding deepened as well. He no longer required to be at her assistance at all times, which made Tirzah realize with more than a little pride that she was slowly climbing up the ladder. Their friendship as well as the bond that had kept them close for several years grew as well, flourishing so that it took the shape of trust. And it was so that Tirzah gained her second confidante. When he made to leave however, any attempts to cling to the supposed growth she had had as a person, vanished. "I won't bloody let you!" They were in the gardens, but very little of its serene beauty was passing onto her. Her cheeks were rapidly heating up in a bright red flush, while her eyes had widened- a reaction perhaps to the bad news. Things were going too well for her to have them snatched away again, and whoever wished to judge her could- spoilt, demanding, ridiculous- these words bore no effect on her. Surely Forge could not be so cruel as to leave her both without his company and his knowledge? This was exactly the position the Tower would want her in, so weakened that she would succumb to any lesson they wished her to! Well, Ziya Sedai might've come close to winning, but she would show them yet!
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