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  1. Light. Early morning, it had been nothing more than a gentle flicker, dancing across the dull and vivid alike so that they were granted newer, different dimensions for an onlooker such as she. Through shadow, it guided, amplifying its display only when necessary. The sun was not harsh, which was a rare, lucky thing. Her eyes for one, appreciated this. A normal day would’ve ensured that blue eyes were screwed tight, peering through lashes in an attempt to understand the note. Today however, they were able and deft, scanning the note well enough for her to know it after a second read.
  2. OOC: Hi guys, sorry if I'm interuppting. James pointed me to this thread after he posted with Darienna, and I complained about how I wanted to join to. He suggested that I took up posting that loathsome NPC, Teresa. Hope you don't mind. :D Get your motor runnin' Head out on the highway Lookin' for adventure And whatever comes our way "Born to be Wild" - Steppenwolf Doors. People-better known as annoying twits who deserved swift execution on most days-often liked to say that when one door was sealed shut, another would crack open, displaying light and warmth in bountiful am
  3. Her lips twitched into a slight smile as she rose. Vincent was quick at smoothening his expressions and thoughts into polite interest, or wide smirks not so different from her own, but the hesitant seconds that passed between his agreeing to her voluntary tour of the city and rising from the seat had been amusing to watch. Clearly, he had manners that had been ingrained and endured so long that they were now all habits that made him who he was, but he'd been observant enough to wonder about what her response to an offered hand might have been and had chosen to play it safe. Which was absolutel
  4. So, once upon a time, there was this delight called stamina. There was also this other wonder known as the lack of stamina, which the young Novice turned Trainee had found herself acquainted with all too well. It was disappointing in some ways, like when afternoons from the days before had been filled with sun-reddened cheeks and sweat that had stung her eyes and skin, making her fumble around uncomfortably on Gale. Once or twice, it had even unfolded as series of protests that came out in loud snorts and whinnies, but that was around the time old riding lessons with Rakim intervened and settl
  5. Slender fingers pressured her skin slightly, stealing her expression of firm solidity and transforming it into something quite...different. Had it been another face, or perhaps, Timmons in one of his horror-struck reflex actions, she would've sniffed at such a display and removed her hand from the odd touch in as impassive a way as sniffing allowed. The tricky part of the matter lay in the fact that she knew no answer to this puzzle, no means by which to respond to the clear impulse without looking strange. Simply put, she was baffled. This woman was not reprimanding. She was not even shifting
  6. Temptation. Again. She had succumbed so easily as it had drawn her in, kept her steady and afloat for a few promising seconds, and then twisted path so that the little window of opportunity was diminished and more rapidly than desired, lost. There had been hints of a future present, at least in Tirzah's mind, as she had surveyed the majestic air that the Green had swathed herself in. This grandiose had not only swayed Tirzah's opinion of Aes Sedai by making it teeter towards much more positive lines than usual, it had stirred an unsettling dream that had awoken within her when she had first su
  7. Ominous. Steely. Firm. The richly enunciated words, simple as they were rang sharply through the shaded grounds, speaking of familiarity with great power and authority all at once. Still, what drew her interest was the softness of the voice itself. Velvety? No. Then again, it was alarming how a soft voice could keep itself within the defined lines, while managing to ring clearly in her ears. She blinked at the Green Sister, controlling her instinct to draw back by only seconds. Instead, she drew her shoulders out as habit had often made her do and tilted her head to the side as she acknowledge
  8. There were too many people who resided in the Trainee barracks, who had recently sniffed at her in an all too hypocritical manner and informed her that her chosen verbiage was 'crude'. And she said hypocritical because she believed she'd judged them well enough to tell just the extent of their vocabulary, thank you very much Mr. and Mrs. Prim. Admittedly, there was a point-alright, most points-in Tirzah's life that would have had this little tidbit of information passed from one ear to the other and out, but they'd caught her on a bad day. See, training was being a bit of a bother. It was
  9. Vincent could talk, and she liked that. The conversation flowed easily between the two of them and without she noted, any discomfort on his side, which was usually not the case. In some ways it made her more interested in their conversation, making her give more to it than she might've otherwise. The other benefit of having met a stranger who she could get onto good terms with without any difficulty was that the talk itself was not one-dimensional, and instead chose to drift from subject to subject, working in almost a ripple as their words descended into the next. For instance, they coul
  10. "Yessir! Right away sir! Fifteen minutes sir, nothing more, nothing less!" A swift salute, that made her shoulders straighter than before and her back arch a little in an attempt to look a little more like the miniature soldier that she aspired to be. Her eyes had become twin pools of shining light, glimmering as they registered the wondrous truth. Her lips had spread into a wide smile, stretching so wide that it would eventually hurt. Okay, maybe that was taking it a bit far with the happy joy dance stuff. Shifting her expression back to something more normal-and something way mor
  11. When you become a Gaidin, there are certain privileges that you are donned with. For one, the cloak. The marvellous ripple effect that it had, with its ability to shift colour to match the landscape was something that -which he had no doubt had amused his Aes Sedai greatly- had fascinated Nerome for lengths at a time when he first garbed himself within it. The second, far more important boon it had endowed him with was the little ball of emotions caught adrift inside his head, changing and flickering at their own accord. Rossa. When they had first Bonded, he had expected that it would take som
  12. If there was one advantage of having been a Novice for the past month, it was that the early hours that was part of the Trainee package, was something that she was already used to. She got out of her bed-which in her opinion, was far more comfortable than her other one-to find that Alwyn's was already empty, while Ashley was still curled up in his. If Tirzah had to take a wild guess, her second roomie was probably dreaming of serenading some Aes Sedai or the other and had successfully climbed up the vines and past the garden wall. For a moment or two she was tempted to wake up with a nice 'spr
  13. "Just when I was going to ask you the usual whys and hows, Vincent. It seems you're a step ahead of me. I wonder if you'll be like that while training?" Her response was a spontaneous one, like they often were, but she had listened to what he had to say with a neutral expression and careful thinking. Nodding in thanks as the serving girl placed a drink before her, she took a few sips as she reflected over what he had revealed about himself, so easily. From the sounds of it, he had given back the bullies enough to let them taste the dust. And judging by the bitter expression and then, the
  14. The hackles rose easy with this one. She observed him with a merry face, grinning so that his initial suspicion relaxed into casual acceptance. Laughing when she heard about the lady who had come 'offering', she was about to declare very bluntly that she'd no intention to do anything of the sort, but he got to speaking the next few words before her. She noticed with interest that his accent grew a bit thicker as he introduced himself, as if all that there was to him and his past could be summed up and fitted to his name. Considering the way she tended to say her one, with what Cia believed was
  15. Someday you will find me Caught beneath the landslide In a champagne supernova in the sky Turnings Time was ticking by rapidly. She had not paid heed to it, nor to the way it had speedily taken charge on her body and mind. On later days of reflection, Tirzah decided that perhaps this was not so uncommon; the concept of day and night often became irrelevant when you were having fun. And of course, time held an influence on people far greater than the small pleasures of infatuation, or the bitterness that comes with loss. It was only as her time drew to her close that she rec
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