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Bored Sul'dam, Idle Red Sister

Jagen Sedai

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So, I don't really remember where the Seanchan are at this point (I think not on the mainland yet anywhere?) but my sul'dam si getting pretty bored. Any wandering AS want to become a damane for a short time? I figure someone can get captured, then maybe a warder or someone frees her (can the collar be removed by just anyone if they know where the release clasp is? I don't remember...) and maybe capture my sul'dam instead (though not with the collar; she'd die if she thought she was supposed to be damane :D)


So... yea... anyone interested? :D


Or even I'm up for an RP doing something else with her... I just need something to do!!!



Also my new Red sister Jagen could use some company ^_^ She's still in the Tower but the threads I had her in are either over with or dead. So... she's doing nothing :D

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