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Approved WT Bio for Shevara Edosian - Aiel CCed

Guest Arie Ronshor

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Guest Arie Ronshor

Name: Shevara Edosian


Age: 170


Nation of Origin: Malkier


Height: 5' 8"


Weight: 130


Appearance: Shevara is a slim woman with pale blonde hair and blue

eyes.  She carries herself as all Aes Sedai should: with the utmost

grace and serenity.  Her clothing is always well tailored, and after

so long in the Tower she has long given up the styles of her native

Malkier, especially as any Malkieri trained seamstresses are long

gone.  Her preferences run to the styles of Andor and Tear.


Personality: If she hadn't chosen the Red Ajah, Shevara would have

been a Gray.  Her penchant for compromise to reach a satisfactory

conclusion in personal disputes is well known.  However, she felt that

she had a higher calling, and has worked for many years in and out of

the Tower to prevent another Breaking.  She is hardly the most

remarkable sister of her Ajah, but she is known for her ability with

gentled men.  Those on whom she spends her attentions survive for much

longer than the average ten years.  She is closemouthed about her

methods, but the results have been remarked on throughout the Ajah.

Her patience and passion for life are often credited as the main

traits that lend her such success.  And it is true that her patience

can seem limitless when dealing with difficult personalities.

However, in the field, it is much less so.  She has a tendency to be

dedicated to a fault, ignoring all other things, to the point of

physical deprivation when she is on a mission.  Whether it is finding

a rumored male channeler, a local darkfriend circle, or merely a lost

child, the hunt is what drives her.




Shevara was born to a middling merchant in Malkier, and spent her

childhood learning to tend the flowers that her parents bred in their

greenhouses.  The Edosian family were great suppliers of seeds, and

their flowers bloomed in many of the thousand gardens of Malkier.  At

the age of fifteen, Shevara asked to be tested by an Aes Sedai

visiting the capitol, and was told that it was likely she had the

ability to learn.  Her parents were extremely proud, and sent her

gladly to train at the White Tower .  In addition to the prestige it

brought them that one of their family was chosen to train in the White

Tower, their custom nearly doubled on the rumor that some of their

floral lines could be Power-touched.


After spending four years as a novice, and six as an Accepted, Shevara

was raised to the Shawl.  Her years as an initiate were unremarkable

other than that she already showed the same determination and desire

for excellence in her coursework that she would later show in her work

for the Red Ajah.  Having grown up in the blightborder, Shevara knew

firsthand what it took to fight the Shadow, and how real the threat

was.  She had lost two brothers, an uncle, and eight cousins to that

stuggle.  Through the decades, the losses from more extended branches

of the family would continue to pile one atop another.  While many

thought that these losses would lead her to choose Green, she instead

felt that rather than standing ready to fight the Last Battle, her

battle had to be now.  She chose the Red Ajah upon her raising, and

has never regretted that decision.


As a Red, Shevara felt that she could best fight the Shadow by saving

those men who were shadow-tainted by saidin.  Even one man saved was

a credit to the fight.  And the longer they lived, the more

information they could provide as to the disease and hopefully, a

cure.  Every man that she brought in she stayed with until his death.

She listened, she learned.  But in the end, it was never enough,

never enough by half.  They all died.  And despite how she was

praised and petted by her elders for having those men she worked with

live so much longer, she felt disappointed and deeply saddened at each

death, seeing each as yet another failure.  She saw no secret to her

methods, merely to listen and support.  But encouragement to spend

more time with gentled men was not what her sisters wanted to hear, so

eventually, she just stopped trying.  She went on with her work, and

tried to lead by example.  A few sisters tried to follow, but most

felt that they had more pressing matters to deal with than spending

time with men already rendered harmless.  Gentled.


During her time not in the Tower, Shevara alternated between hunting

rumors of channeling men, and rumors of darkfriends.  She knew that

while the former would be the more immediate danger if not found

quickly, the latter were the true enemies, and the ones that she would

eventually have to face when the Last Battle did arrive.  It saddened

her each time she caught a man who could channel, to see the looks of

shock, anger, despair, relief.  Each one stabbed at her heart, and

made her wish more and more that there was something else that could

be done.


She was in Tar Valon the day she heard that Malkier had fallen, and

though she had long put aside any binding loyalty to her home country,

she wept long.  It was the man that she was currently working with

that soothed her and dried her tears.  He succumbed to his own despair

the following year, and it was the loss that haunted her the most, as

she felt that she did not give him her full attention, which he richly

deserved.  Instead, during that last year she was working on trying

to locate what remained of her family, and other displaced Malkieri,

trying to find them places in the Borderlands and elsewhere.  Trying

to help those who had lost all their homes, their livelihoods, to the

Shadow.  The loss of Malkier was a brutal blow, and one she vowed

never to forget.  There were two other Malkieri sisters in the Tower

at the time, as well as a handful of initiates, and she took the time

to spend with each of them, reminiscing about what had been lost.

All had come from wildly divergent backgrounds, but the loss of their

nation tied them together.  Almost to a woman, the initiates who were

Malkieri chose the Green Ajah upon their raisings.  But for Shevara,

there were more battles than Tarmon Gai'don to fight.


In recent years, Shevara has traveled, and Traveled, to the far

corners of the Westlands following rumors of the Dragon Reborn and the

seeming army of channeling men that he was gathering.  She also has

made attempts to study these Seanchan who claimed to be descended from

Artur Hawkwing, and used the One Power in battle while riding on great

beasts that seemed like they could only be Shadowspawn.  She was

stunned upon her most recent return to find that a party had been sent

to this recently located Black Tower, and crushed that she had not

been able to accompany them.  She waits anxiously for news of her

sisters, and prays for their safe return.

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