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while we haven't met demandred yet thats still no reason to believe he can't be influencing the masema group.


rather than being masema he could be compelling/working with masema


or he could mean the seanchans attempts to take illidan and tear. We know that demandred, mesaana, and semirhage tended to act together. Mesaana stationed in the white tower to weaken it and demandred/semirhage set to strengthen the seanchan to destroy the WT would be a goal of their's I would think.


really its just that we don't know what sammael meant by "in the south"

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Demandred uses proxies to move his plots.


So did Pedron Niall.


Niall's bands of Dragonsworn (Whitecloaks in disguise) looked to Sammael like Demandred's work, as did the rebellions against Rand in Haddon Mirk and Cairhien, both of which were influenced by Balwer at Niall's behest.


Sammael felt encircled by Demandred. So he co-opted "Demandred's" Whitecloack DF, Carridin, for his own plans, no doubt chuckling over his coup.


Short version, Sammael mistakes Niall's work for Demandred's.

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I'm pretty sure Demandred is behind the borderlanders not being in the borderlands.  Semirahgue is captured and I don't think she will escape alive.  Mesaana will shortly have her cover blown.  So all that left of the trio is Demandred other than Trollocs attacking Tar Valon through the borderlands, I don't know

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