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The Remedy For Madness {Atten. Jocelyn}


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OOC: Tai'Dashan is very intelligent, eager to please and be liked. He is rash and often rushes into things without thinking. Also, his heart has suffered some wounds in the past and he has been without female affection for some time now. take this and do as you will ;D, be cruel if you like, he could use some hardening ;)


Tai'Dashan was frustrated. He had been at the Black Tower for almost a week now and had hardly learned anything. For the millionth time he wondered if it was somehow his fault. For the first time in a week, he had been given a whole day to himslef to do as he pleased, instead of just a few moments here or there. As he dressed, he looked at himself in the bubbled mirror. One of his blue eyes was enlarged and distorted by the bubbled glass and made him think of the madness everyone had been whispering about. Tai'Dashan shivered and assumed the Void. He had developed a habit of doing this whenever he felt he wasn't thinking clearly, or was feeling something unpleasant. As always, the seductive, lightning-like vein of Saidin pulsed, calling to him. Indulging briefly, Tai'Dashan filled himself with Saidin. He dared not channel as he wasn't sure that was allowed for someone of his rank, but just feeling it coursing through his veins was enough to bring a languorous smile to his lips. It was almost... comforting. Tai'Dashan had been seizing the Source whenever he was alone this past week, to feel that comforting flow of life singing through him. Sighing he released Saidin after a moment and watched as everything went shadowy, and the life once more drained out of everything around him. One last check of his reflection in the mirror and-


~They can't tell you what to do, they don't even like you.~


Tai'Dashan turned quickly to identify the intruder who had whispered in his ear. No one was there.


~You are all alone, with only yourself for comfort. Aria taught you that.~


Blinking Tai'Dashan realized he was hearing his own thoughts in his head. But somehow, these thoughts were... different.


The memory of her cut him deeply, and made tears spring to life, slipping down his cheeks as he assumed the Void and silenced the cruelty in his head. Think only of the flame, feed it all into the flame, he thought desperately. He had been working himself too hard, he thought. But he knew he was lying to himself.  Fear and Pain remained, lurking outside the Void like twin wolves, waiting for the kill. Quickly Tai'Dashan gathered his things and left his room, making his way outside. His room had been set in the Soldier Barracks mercifully near some trees. Tai'Dashan loved the forest almost as much as he had come to love the Source and made his way there now, needing a brief respite from the mornings frightening happenings before he continued on with his day. Winding his way through the trees, Tai'Dashan made his way to a small clearing he had found this past week and adopted as his sanctuary. Settling down he focused on what little Arath had been able to teach him about the one power. Sitting cross-legged, he went through the exercises and Seized Saidin. Feeling the comforting life flowing through him he sighed, calmed by the familiar routine.


OOC: Ok it's all yours. Take it wherever you want to go with it but remember a few things. 1. He came here seeking comfort. 2. He has just heard the voices for the first time, He is feeling very frightened and alone right now, oh and 3. Full of the Source, you wont be able to sneak up on him.  ;)

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Life could quickly become dull at the Black Tower, for those few who were not blessed (or cursed) with the ability to channel. Loathe to feel to restrained or go insane with boredom, Jocelyn kept as busy as she could. Generally she completed mundane chores, but to break her routine she occasionally went riding, or like today, she trained with her quarterstaff.


After saying farewell to Rion for the morning, Jocelyn changed into one of her older gowns; still not appropriate to physical work, being in the sheer Domani style, but it was that or nothing, and that certainly wasn't an option, for several reasons - the place was full of single, mad men, and Rion was a jealous type. Besides, she didn't want to burn...


Smirking at her thoughts, Jocelyn collected her now returned staff and headed out to one of the lesser used spaces cleared for training. She hummed to herself as she walked, idly swinging her staff. The day was going to be clear and bright, no doubt another unseasonably hot day. Better to exercise in the morning before the heat grew too intense, then later she could hide in the shade with a book.


It took Jocelyn a few moments to realise the training yard wasn't empty, since it wasn't often anyone else came there and it came as a surprise. She hesitated for a moment, wondering whether to stay or leave. Before she could make up her mind, he opened his eyes and caught her in his gaze. This was a young man she had never seen before, and apprehension filled her. You could never tell who was mad and who wasn't; she had heard rumours lately of the fate of those who had lost themselves to the taint, and it wasn't pretty. Blushing faintly, Jocelyn offered the newcomer a wary smile.


"Oh, hello, I didn't see you there." Feeling awkward, Jocelyn tapped her staff against her foot. With a nod to herself, she turned to leave.



OOC: Up to you to catch her, she's just feeling a little shy is all :)

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With his power enhanced hearing, Tai'Dashan heard the woman approach long before he opened his eyes. Full of Saidin and surrounded by men of the Black Tower he felt safe enough not to be alarmed. When he released Saidin and the Void and finally did open his eyes, he almost shut and quickly reopened them again, just to make sure he wasn't seeing things. A strikingly beautiful woman shared the clearing with him. The sheer Domani dress that clung invitingly to her skin framed her curves nicely and left just a hint of- Tai'Dashan realized where his mind was going and almost blushed. As if she heard his thoughts she blushed and offered a greeting.


"Oh, hello, I didn't see you there."


As she tapped the quarterstaff thoughtfully, Tai'Dashan's heart quickened as he realized how similiar she looked and even her voice was to Aria. Before he could loosen his throat to speak she nodded as if making her mind up about something  and turned to go. He leapt to his feet and grabbed her writst.


"Please don't leave." He pleaded.


As soon as the words left his lips he felt ashamed. Pleading like a child not to be left alone. Just looking at her made his body and his heart ache, but now that he had some kind of companionship he was afraid of losing it. Realizing the absurdity of standing there holding her wrist, and eyeing the quarterstaff now stiffly held in her hand, Tai'Dashan quickly released her and blushed.


"I'm sorry," he said "It's just that you remind, i just don't want, you came here and." Babbling like an idiot, and feeling like one he sighed and started over, offering  his hand. "Hi. My name is Tai'Dashan but my friends call me Tai. I'm kinda new here."

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Rion tapped his lip thoughtfully and slowly slipped the book he had been reading into one of hte many deep pockets he had had sewn onto the inside if black coat. He twisted his lip wryly as he thought about some of the things the author had been saying, debating with himself..quite literally actually..about it. I don't know...I think the idea of where King's originated from was stronger from the human perspective not the power one. Power and human are the same thing boy. A man should desire power above all other things and be willing to do anything to gain that power. One is not completely seperate from the other. Yes it is human nature to want to assert your power, but at the same time it is also human nature to want to have a leader and feel protected. Quit your bickering. I wasn't bickering! You sound like that woman you let into our head now.


Rion shook his head and forced the two voices inside of his head to the rear of his consciousness, he accepted them and even used them now. He had lost his fear of going insane, he could not currently change it so why worry? Well...he wasn't completely fine with it, but Rion feared a lot of things, it helped that Jocelyn did not seem to have a problem with it. Rion smiled to himself as he turned his head in the direction he knew Jocelyn was, the training yard again it seemed, the shining radiance of her emotions flowing from the bond to him made Rion just the more joyous that he had finally plucked up the courage to ask her. Marraige...well that would come soon enough, for now being Bonded suited perfectly.


But it was when a strain of panic, and a hint of fear maybe, jumped to the forefront of the bond that Rion himself let a knot of worry form in his stomach. He turned his head and began a quick walk that broke into a slow run after a few steps. Rion was not overly worried that something was happening....but it never hurt to be careful now did it. Rion forced himself to refrain from reaching out to Saidin as he came into view of the training field, forced down the pang or irrational jealousy that rose up when he saw this strange man grasping Jocelyn's wrist. He wouldn't be like that anymore...he had learned his lesson...Hah!


Rion waked up next to Jocelyn and casually reached out to take her hand in his. I see that jealousy angle still needs a little bit of work. Jocelyn turned and looked a little surprised that he was there. "Hello love...I was just walking by and thought I'd say hello before the next class." Rion's smile faded somewhat as he turned his gaze to what he could now see was the soldier in front of him, "Who's this?"




Crazy Jealous Boyfriend.....


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Jocelyn gasped slightly as she felt a hand close about her wrist, staying her feet. A brief surge of panic surfaced, but she hurriedly pushed it back down. This man sounded...lonely. Not necessarily mad. Still, she would be cautious, and having him touch her didn't make her entirely comfortable, especially when she could feel Rion drawing nearer through the bond.


The man began to babble, and Jocelyn relaxed slightly as he let her go, giving him another small smile. "I didn't think I recognised you. My name is Jocelyn..." Her sentence was interrupted as a strong, familiar hand grasped her own, causing Jocelyn to turn her head and smile fully up at the face of the man she loved. Light, she hoped he hadn't seen Tai holding her wrist and jumped to another messy conclusion. His jealousy did tend to run away on him at times.


"Rion, this is Tai'Dashan. He's new." Jocelyn added in way of explanation. It wasn't as though she were hunting down strange new men. "Tai, this is Rion, my uh..." How did one describe it? They weren't married, but she was living in his house, and they were bonded. She just wished she could add married to the list. "Bondmate." Smiling back at Tai, she squeezed Rion's hand, mutely conveying over the bond her love for him, hoping to quell any budding jealousy.


"It is nice to meet you Tai, I hope I didn't disturb you from...well from whatever it was you were doing." She chuckled softly, much more at ease with the presence of Rion by her side.



Jocelyn everyone wants me but Rion got me Mahrin ;)

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A man in a black coat stepped out of the trees and took Jocelyn's hand as she was introducing herself, asking after who he was.


"Rion, this is Tai'Dashan. He's new." she said as Tai'Dashan bowed to the man, noting his rank. Introductions were made and the assertion of Bondmate. Tai'Dashan realized how the senario must have looked and almost blushed again.


"Hello Rion, I finally had a day to myself today and decided to come here to meditate on some, happenings, lately when i stumbled upon Jocelyn here. Rather she stumbled upon me." Tai'Dashan chuckled weakly. Tai'Dashan wondered if Rion had heard whisphers saying awful things too. Something about the man's eyes looked kind and made him desperately want to confide in the man, tell him everything. To spill his guts to a complete stranger. Anything to lessen his fear. "Look this is really awkward," he began.


~Just because she belongs to him doesn't mean you can't take her. Look at the way she dresses, the way she smiles at you! She was alone with you, playing hard to get! She wants it and so do you!~


Shocked at the obscene and vulgar comments seemingly whispered in his ear, Tai'Dashan clamped his mouth shut mid-sentence. Folding his arms, color draining from his face, he felt close to tears. "I don't know anyone here really. Jocelyn reminds me of someone I once....knew," He began slowly. " I'm far from home and alone." A tear slipped, unnoticed down his cheek. "And afraid." He all but whispered those last humiliating words. Staring at the ground, not sure if he could leave without permission, Tai'Dashan fought the rising color in his cheeks and the urge to run.


~Afraid? Scared like a weak, pitiful, little child!~ The voice taunted. ~They care nothing for your weakness you wretched fool!~


Tai'Dashan did the only thing he could think of and assumed the Void, effectively silencing the whispering voice in his head.


OOC: It's all yours guys, gimme your best shot. Make it interesting  ;)

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Jocelyn was filled with an overwhelming sympathy for the man as he dissolved into silent tears, his stance showing just how uncomfortable he was feeling. "I can't relate to the channeling part, but I know what it's like to be far from home and afraid, we all can." Jocelyn added, glancing up at Rion before stepping forward to place a comforting hand on Tai'Dashan's arm. "Truth be told, sometimes I am still afraid too, but at least now I am home." Warmth filled her voice at the last, thinking on the new home she was making with Rion. She felt a similar warmth flow through the bond from Rion, along with a tinge of jealousy, which she pointedly ignored. She was comforting the man, not proposing marriage!


Marriage...hastily Jocelyn redirected her thoughts. She'd almost given up thinking that Rion would make their fraudulent marriage they had put on for their parents sake a fact. But he was proving either dense or stubborn on the matter, she wasn't sure yet. Still, the perfect way to cement his hold on her and declare it to the world would be to marry her, but maybe he hadn't thought that far yet. At least she shared his bond, something that made her closer to him than anyone else could ever be. Baby steps, she reminded herself.


"I'm sorry I interrupted your meditation, we can leave you to it if you like." Her eyes flicked up toward Rion once more, silently reminding him to curb his jealousy. "Or if you like, I would be happy to listen if you want to talk...about anything, really." Like this mystery woman she reminded him of. A sister? Or maybe a lover? She held a brief suspicion that perhaps he was inventing the tale to draw her closer. He certainly wouldn't be the first to try to lure her away from Rion, but she quickly dismissed the thought as ludicrous.




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Jocelyn's kind words comforted him and even Rion seemed gentle and kind, but he was still uneasy. He wanted desperately to gain some friends and so he thanked them and told them he would return to his meditation, but that he would like to dine with them some night and get to know them better. Thoughts whirled in his head. Thankfully not the whispered kind, but somehow he felt he had gained two friends this day. finally Tai'Dashan smiled.


As they turned to go, Tai'Dashan Resumed his place in the grove and assumed the Void. Most channelers did not start to go mad until they had been channeling for many years. Was the voice even madness? If not what in the Dark One's Pit was it?! Tai'Dashan new he was going to have to talk to Arath about, it but for now he needed to practice his weaves. He  knew this would calm him down and proceeded to seize the Source. Life filled him along with the taint, birds and forest animals scurried and flew. The sounds of the forest comforted Tai'Dashan and helped him to Relax. Hopefully, with a little more training, He could be Raised to Dedicated soon. Tai'Dashan smiled as he imagined it.

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