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The Robert Inglis reading of LotR is among the best books I've ever listened to. They've not however been made available through Audible and I don't have the CD version any longer. I didn't mention him because I couldn't recall his name! lol...


James Lee Burke's books read by Will Patton are incredibly well done too as are the Patrick O'brian Aubrey/Maturin Books read by Patrick Tull.


WoT on audiobook is really good as you get further along. I am presently listening to it (tEotW) after probably 6 years and I'm really struck how much better the later books have been.

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I LOVE audiobooks, for driving, or doing dishes and other misc chores, or on the jogging track.


I've listened to all of the WOT ones,(Kate Reading/Michael Kramer version) and I think they are great. The first time, it took a couple chapters to get used to the guy's voice, but after that it was awesome. They do a good job of creating separate characters without over-acting usually. The only problem is a couple of inconsistencies with pronunciations or accents, but you have to consider that there was 2-3 years between a lot of the books, hence 2-3 years between recordings. And I figure maybe RJ and Harriet didn't like some of the pronunciations/accents and had them change it in later books.


I've listened to all the Harry Potter audiobooks also, narrated by Jim Dale (I didn't like the Stephen Fry one as much), and they were freaking hilarious IMHO. Better than some of the movies even. He does loads of different voices, almost sounds like different people in the studio.


The LotR audiobook with Robert Inglis were good too, he had the perfect voice for it, almost like Tolkien reading it to you.

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