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WK Bio for Zarine Kusharski: Aiel CCed


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Character Name: Zarine Kusharski

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Place of Birth/Raising: Saldaea

Physical Description: blond hair, brown eyes, 5''6 tall, 55 kg. Has a petite nose for a Saldaean and was thusly not considered a great beauty.


Character History:


Zarine was a 3rd child born to a minor noble family in southern Saldaea and was the first daughter. Her mother gave her the famous name hoping that she would become a sensational court beauty, who devotes her life to break the hearts of everybody. This was the aim little Zarine was raised for and she wished for it herself too... until everyone realised that she would never be beautiful enough to fill the promise. She had enough personality for it but she settled to at least learning to manage the family estates well while her brothers and father were fighting and learning to become an ideal Saldaean woman who would make a good wife one day when she found a man strong enough for her.


She didn't resent the fact that she would not be taught to teach with a sword with her brothers but learned instead the basics of more womanly knives and hand-to-hand fighting. Zarine loves horses and hawking and she can indeed ride to the hunt all day while reciting poetry, then play the cittern at night while participating intelligently in discussions of how to counter Trolloc raids. She has also learned from her mother and aunts how good wives spy and how to use the subtle language of the fans to communicate with potential suitors. The women in her family did not know how to dance sa-sara but Zarine dreamt of mastering it somehow for surely that skill would make her worth her name.


The Wheel had different plans for her however. When she turned 18, she became averse to go to the court in the city anymore. Since she had taken responsibility of the family estates, she could use that as an excuse but she found that staying in the house was unbearable. All she wanted to do was to ride and hunt, it was like a mania. She got really worried one night of full moon when she couldn't resist the temptation to run madly in the woods basking in the moonlight and howling. After that she felt like her senses began to sharpen and her dreams became increasingly odd, involving wolves and hunting in the pack.


She vacated to the family hunting lodge to clear her head and that was when the wolves 'talked' to her for the first time. Certain that now she had lost it for good, she couldn't return to her family and cause them such such shame. The only thing she understood from the four legged insistent animals was an image of mountains covered in mist, sense of safety and home and that she should go there. Since she had no better option and she wanted the madness to end, she began her unbeknowing journey toward the Wolfkin Stedding and discovery by her Kin.

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